How to Apply for Learnerships at ABSA

How to Apply for Learnerships at ABSA

ABSA Learnerships Application

Learnerships online applications processes are made available during the year on a variety of websites.  Candidates will be required to apply, complete an online assessment, (this will take approximately 30 minutes) and agree to an interview.
On the application form, you will have to supply detail such as your name, contact detail, work experience, education along with contactable recommendations.  Additionally, candidates will also have to upload their curriculum vitae’s and any supporting documentation.
The next step will be to complete the online assessment.  Candidates who meet the essential criteria will be notified via e-mail, along with the links to the assessments that need to be done.  Each assessment will measure your abilities and skill.
If you are selected from this process a telephonic interview will follow shortly.  This is in turn followed by a physical interview and then the selection process is complete.  After your physical interview, you will be contacted within 5 business days to be notified of the results.

ABSA Learnerships Closing Dates

The closing dates vary, depending on the position, as well as the branch.
Some of these close in February, others in March or April, most open within the last four month of the year and close during the first four of the following year.
For more information on the following career paths have a look at the links go to the ASBA Career website.
Aslo See Details on ABSA Learnerships Here

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