How to Apply for Learnerships at Eskom 

How to Apply for Learnerships at Eskom

Eskom Learnerships are not available every time, and there is a strict deadline related to application. It makes sense because Eskom only needs a few competent people who are able to work in specialized subject. By limiting people who can join the competition within Eskom, it is also easier to filter competent people who are interested in developing electricity infrastructure. There are learnerships at Eskom recommended for fresh graduate for 2015 – period. There are several candidates needed – still below 20 though – for filling some positions in the company. They are fields available for this purpose: mechanical, Riggers, and Instrument Mechanical.

Eskom Learnerships Requirement

The requirement for learner candidate is quite academic. Soft skills are not essentially needed though they can contribute to interview session. The requirement is having grade 12/N3 in math and Physical Science. In addition, it is also important to know that basic language for candidates is supposed to be English as Eskom is multi-national company. What makes the Eskom Learnerships is so tempting is due to the fact that it does not require any prior experience before registering. Eskom Learnership  is now available for application.

How to Apply

Apply for Eskom Learnership Online
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