Can seniors go to university for free in Canada?

Yes, seniors can go to university for free in Canada, but with some conditions.


  • Be 65 years of age or older on or before the first day of the academic term.
  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Meet the admissions requirements of the university.


  • Tuition and supplementary fees are waived.
  • Other fees, such as student union fees and health insurance fees, may still apply.


  • The exemption does not apply to graduate programs or professional schools.
  • The exemption does not apply to students who already have an undergraduate degree.
  • The exemption may not apply to all universities in Canada. Some universities may have additional restrictions, such as a limit on the number of courses that can be taken each year.

How to apply

To apply for the senior tuition exemption, you will need to contact the university directly. The process may vary depending on the university.