Department Of Basic Education Gauteng

Department Of Basic Education Gauteng

Department Of Basic Education Gauteng
The Gauteng Department of Education is mandated to provide compulsory basic education to all learners in the province progressively, including learners with special needs and early childhood education. The Department therefore; seeks to provide access to quality teaching, learning and assessment for all learners in the Gauteng Province.

OUR VISION | Department Of Basic Education Gauteng

Every learner feels valued and inspired in our innovative education system.
We are committed to provide functional and modern schools that enable quality teaching and learning that protect and promote the right of every learner to quality, equitable and relevant education.
• Deliver quality education in a conducive learning environment; • Transform public schooling by addressing barriers to access, equity and redress; • Increase access to quality pre- and post- school educational opportunities; and • Provide an administrative service that supports modern and innovative schools.
• Integrity • Motivated • Passionate • Accountable • Committed
• Improvement of the quality of education in the Foundation, Intermediate, Senior and FET Phase through the Gauteng Primary Intervention Programme, the Secondary School Im provement Programme, the Maths / Science and Technology Strategy and a range of other services in support of curriculum delivery and assessment.
• Recruitment of high quality teachers who are professional and skilled by continuously developing and supporting them.
• Increase the number of schools that effectively implement inclusive education policy and have access to centres that offer specialist services.
• Development of the physical infrastructure to create a safe environment learning and teaching.
• Utilisation of the modern technology to support the delivery of quality education in class.
• Implementation of poverty alleviation programmes to increase learner access to quality education.
• Encourage active parent and community participation in schools and commitment to school programmes.
• Improvement of access and the quality of Grade R education (ECD) in the province. • Strengthening of career education and guidance to improve the transition of learners from high school to higher education and the workplace.
• Ensure that schools are adequately resourced and supported to ensure the best governance and management of their finances.
To ensure that schools have effective leadership and management teams, and that these teams are led by fully functional district offices.
• We are committed to the radical transformation of the education system, where high quality education is provided to all our learners in the Gauteng Province irrespective of their socio economic background; and • We further commit to provide the best possible services by: • Consulting our stakeholders about the services we render; • Increasing access to quality education to all learners in the province; • Being courteous when engaging with our clients; • Providing correct and relevant information on time; • Being open and transparent about the progress of any project undertaken; • Ensure value for money by using allocated resources effectively, efficiently and economically; and • Offer redress, whenever, our services have fallen below the promised standard and to have procedures in place to remedy the situation.
The GDE has an effective complaints management services, through the following channels:
• Walk In Centre (Head Office only) • Call Centre / Switchboard Hotline – 0800 000 789
We commit to acknowledge all queries/complaints received through different channels within 72 hours and we shall work towards resolving queries within 48 hours of receipt.

Contact Us
Head Office
Physical Address
111 Commissioner Street

Postal Address

P.0.Box 7710

 (011) 355 0000
Toll Free number: 0800 000 789
E-mail: Web Manager
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