Department Of Correctional Services Nsw

Department Of Correctional Services Nsw

Department Of Correctional Services Nsw, Corrective Services NSW is an agency of the Justice Branch of the Department Justice (NSW) in the Government of New South Wales that is responsible for the provision of custodial and community-based services as an important element of the criminal justice system in the state of New South Wales, Australia.
The services provided include correctional centre custody of remand and sentenced inmates, home detention, parole, pre-sentence reports and advice to courts and releasing authorities, community service orders and other forms of community-based offender supervision. Offenders in custody and those supervised in the community are assessed for relevant interventions to reduce their risks of re-offending. Corrective Services NSW works in partnership with other government and non-government justice and human services agencies in regard to inmates in custody and offenders in the community.
Corrective Services NSW is headed by a Commissioner, presently Peter Severin, who reports to the Minister for Corrections, presently the Hon. David Elliott MP, who is ultimately responsible to the Parliament of New South Wales.

Head office

Corrective Services NSW
Henry Deane Building
20 Lee Street
Phone: 02 8346 1333
Fax: 02 8346 1205

Media unit

Phone: 0419 258 290
(SMS enquiries not available)

Postal address

Corrective Services NSW
GPO Box 31

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