Department Of Environmental Affairs Vision And Mission

Department Of Environmental Affairs Vision And Mission

Department Of Environmental Affairs Vision And Mission

Mission statement


A prosperous and equitable society living in harmony with our natural resources.


Providing leadership in environmental management, conservation and protection towards sustainability for the benefit of South Africans and the global community


Driven by our Passion as custodians and ambassadors of the environment we have to be Proactive and foster innovative thinking and solutions to environmental management premised on a People-centric approach that recognises the centrality of Batho Pele, for it is when we put our people first that we will serve with Integrity, an important ingredient in a high Performance driven organisation such as ours.


  • We are passionate about our values and we live them in our day-to-day activities
  • We are dedicated to our work and go the extra mile
  • We show pride in our mandate, mission and vision
  • As custodians and ambassadors of the environment we render quality service to the SA public
  • We build and promote an energizing and inspiring work environment
  • We assertively promote and advocate our standpoints, messages and reputation


  • We demonstrate openness and willingness to learn from each other and to support others in their endeavour to learn and to expand their strengths
  • We respect and appreciate everyone’s individual strengths
  • We show empathy when interacting with others
  • We display a professional and confident stance, even in difficult situations
  • We exercise gentle authority Input
  • We support and assist one another
  • We promote work-life balance


  • We make informed decisions in order to optimize outcomes and to manage risk
  • We behave ethically and confront and correct unethical behaviour
  • We allow and invite honest debate – we listen first to understand each other
  • We respect and value all individuals, inside and outside the organization, for their diverse backgrounds, strengths, styles and ideas, regardless of their rank
  • We are honest and keep our commitments and promises made to others
  • We drive the department’s agenda rather than pursuing self-interest
  • We support a decision once it is taken and we are supportive and positive about others when apart


  • We are focused on our key result areas and manage activities that slow down their achievement or do not add value to these
  • We accept accountability for our decisions, actions and results
  • We work as a team capitalizing on people’s individual strengths to secure our outcomes
  • We demonstrate a “can-do” attitude and strive for fast delivery of results
  • We help others to perform at their best by giving open feedback and by supporting their individual development plans
  • We involve everyone in our plans, goals and decisions who is affected


  • We foster innovative thinking and solutions
  • We adopt best available science, knowledge and practice
  • We are open-minded, willing to listen and to learn from others
  • We strive for improvement and we drive and support change
  • We cooperate across all organizational structures and break down existing silos
  • We work collaboratively with our partners and stakeholders, establish shared goals and

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