Department of Social Development Learnership | Learnerships in South Africa

Department of Social Development Learnership | Learnerships in South Africa

Opportunities for All

Department of Social Development provides interesting opportunities to available candidates who have passed grade 12 for potential placement in their Social Development learnerships. There are a couple of sectors of Social Development learnerships that you can apply such as Foster Children, Youth with a disabilities, Orphans, Youth related to Military Veterans, Child Headed Families, Child Support Recipients, and youth from 50 poorest wards. All of successful learners of Social Development learnerships will be expected to enter into a year contract for and they will be placed across the Department and Identified ECD and NGOs centers.

Requirements of Social Development Learnerships

  • You must have certified copies of ID
  • You must have certified copy of Grade
  • You must submit your CV
  • You must collect your Forster Care Order in case of foster children
  • You must have documentary proof of relation to Military Veterans
  • You have to get motivation from social worker
  • You must have Death Certificate in order to respect the orphans

How to Apply

All the forms of application for the Social Development learnerships can be submitted from the Department of Social Development regional institutions and offices. You have to keep in mind that for those of you who are applying the application forms by using fax or email, your application forms will not be considered. There are no applications which will be accepted at Head Office.
All of applications forms of Social Development learnerships should be submitted to the Department regions and institutions. Or you can also post all of the application forms to Private Bag x35, Johannesburg 2000.
For those of you who are searching for a career in the department of social development, these Social Development learnerships are the perfect choice for you.
To check latest available learnerships, you can ask one of these contacts:

  • Virginia Metheiwana 011 227 0020
  • Andre Snyman 001 255 7669
  • Sizwe Nkosi 001 227 0021
  • Dikelde Kutu 011 355 7616
  • F. Siluma 011 355 7669

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