Did sita have periods

Did sita have periods. A brief overview of government’s progress on Y2K compliance in its departments was given by the National Year 2000 Decision Support Centre.

The staff transformation plan would be implemented according to the objectives of the Employment Equity Act. This plan would be presented to the portfolio committee at a later stage.

As an aside, Mr Rasethaba informed the committee that the Auditor General’s office (which works with SITA’s audit committee) did not adhere to Black empowerment principles. As this is a statutory body, the committee had the power to get an explanation for this.


  • Our mandate is stipulated as follows in the SITA Act:
  • “Provide Information Technology (IT), information systems and related services to, or on behalf of, participating departments and in regard to these services, act as an agent of the South African Government.”

Primary Functions


  • Data Processing
  • Network
  • IT/IS Training
  • Application Software Development and Maintenance
  • Promotion of the effective utilisation of IT to enhance the efficiency at all levels of the public
  • Technical support
  • Functional and Business Advice and Support
  • IT and IS management
  • Act as procurement agency in respect of IT requirements;
  • Maintain a comprehensive IS Security Environment

Geographical Distribution

  • We are well positioned to ensure the delivery of all these services mainly because of our sheer presence countrywide. Our head office is situated in Pretoria and regional offices are operational in all 9 provinces.

Statement of Strategic Direction

Business Drivers

  • What we deliver to the RSA Government is driven by:
  • Business requirements of Government;
  • an intimate knowledge of client’s business;
  • cultural fit between SITA and Government;
  • Government values;
  • Government strategy and processes

Statement of Intent

  • We are committed to demonstrate that SITA (Pty) Ltd is:
  • the vehicle for Government IT in effective and efficient service delivery to the citizens;
  • leveraging IT as a strategic resource for Government;
  • fostering competitiveness within Industry through best procurement practices;
  • establishing the RSA as a global information and communications technology player.

SITA Vision

  • Our vision is to become a leading and respected public sector IT company in the world that:
  • provides relevant products and services to the Government cost-effectively;
  • is an employer of choice;
  • is an advanced user of information technology;
  • delivers value for money to the shareholder.

SITA’s values

  • Our values are embedded in:
  • Client orientation;
  • Competency;
  • Teamwork;
  • Honesty;
  • Fairness.

Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to continuously:
  • increase the speed of delivery of SITA’s products and services;
  • improve the return on investment on Government IT expenditure;
  • improve the quality of the products and service of SITA;
  • improve the security environment within which SITA operates;
  • innovate with respect to its products and services. And
  • support the socio-economic policies of Government