Do UVic dorms have bathrooms?

Yes, UVic dorms in Canada have bathrooms. Most UVic dorms have shared bathrooms, but some have private bathrooms. The type of bathroom you have will depend on the room type you choose.

Shared bathrooms are typically located on each floor of a dorm building. They are typically unisex, but some dorms have gender-specific bathrooms. Shared bathrooms typically have multiple showers, toilets, and sinks.

Private bathrooms are located inside the dorm room. They typically have a shower, toilet, and sink.

UVic also has a number of all-gender bathrooms located throughout campus.

Here is a summary of the bathroom types available in UVic dorms:

| Room type | Bathroom type | |—|—|—| | Single room | Shared or private | | Twin room | Shared | | Suite (2-4 students) | Shared or private |


UVic has 21 dormitory buildings (dorms) with a mixture of single and double rooms. Each building has a common lounge with cable TV and microwaves, and centrally located washrooms (a mix of community and/or shared single washrooms) on each floor.