Does UBC ignore your lowest grade?

Yes, many universities in Canada, including UBC, ignore your lowest grade. This is known as “dropping your lowest grade”. UBC’s policy is that the lowest grade received in any course in the last two years of your degree will be dropped. This policy is in place to help students who may have had a bad semester or who made a mistake in a particular course. It is important to note that this policy does not apply to courses that are required for your degree program.

Here are some of the benefits of dropping your lowest grade:

  • It can improve your GPA. If you have a low grade in a course, dropping it can improve your overall GPA. This can be helpful when applying to graduate school or to jobs.
  • It can reduce your stress levels. If you are struggling in a course, dropping it can reduce your stress levels and allow you to focus on your other courses.
  • It can give you a second chance. If you made a mistake in a course, dropping it can give you a second chance to do well. This can be helpful if you want to improve your grades or if you need to take the course again.

If you are considering dropping your lowest grade, it is important to talk to your academic advisor. They can help you understand the policy and decide if dropping your grade is the right decision for you.