Does University of Alberta look at Grade 11 marks?

Yes, the University of Alberta does consider Grade 11 marks in Canada for undergraduate admissions. While they primarily focus on your Grade 12 marks, your Grade 11 marks can provide an indication of your academic performance and help assess your potential for success in university-level courses.

For early admission applicants, Grade 11 marks are even more important, as they are the primary factor considered for admission decisions. If you are applying for early admission, strong Grade 11 marks can significantly boost your chances of gaining admission.

In general, the University of Albertalooks for a minimum average of 70% across five required courses based on your chosen program. However, the specific admission requirements may vary depending on the program and the applicant pool. For instance, competitive programs may have higher minimum averages or require higher grades in specific subjects.

Here’s a summary of how Grade 11 marks are used for undergraduate admissions at the University of Alberta:

Early admission applicants: Grade 11 marks are the primary factor considered

Regular applicants: Grade 11 marks are considered in conjunction with Grade 12 marks.

Competitive programs: Higher minimum averages or specific subject requirements may apply.

Cumulative average: Your Grade 11 and Grade 12 marks are combined to determine your overall average.

Remember that strong Grade 11 marks can help you stand out from other applicants and increase your chances of securing early admission or admission to a competitive program. However, it’s crucial to maintain consistent academic performance throughout your high school career, as your final Grade 12 marks will carry more weight in the overall decision-making process.