Does University of Ottawa look at Grade 11 marks?

Yes, the University of Ottawa does consider Grade 11 marks for admission to some of its programs. This is particularly true for programs in high demand, such as engineering, computer science, and nursing. For these programs, the university may use Grade 11 marks to make conditional offers of admission. This means that if you have a strong average in Grade 11, you may be offered a place in the program, but you will still need to meet the program’s requirements in Grade 12.

For other programs, the university may not consider Grade 11 marks as heavily. However, it is still important to do well in Grade 11, as your marks will still be considered in your overall application.

Here are some specific examples of how the University of Ottawa uses Grade 11 marks for admission:

  • Early Admission: If you are applying for early admission to a program, the university will consider your Grade 11 marks. If you have a strong average, you may be offered a conditional offer of admission.
  • Scholarships and Awards: The university also uses Grade 11 marks to award scholarships and other forms of financial aid.
  • Program Eligibility: For some programs, you may need to meet certain minimum requirements in Grade 11 in order to be eligible for admission.

In general, it is a good idea to do your best in all of your courses, regardless of whether or not you think they will be considered for university admission. Strong grades in Grade 11 will give you a good foundation for your studies in Grade 12 and will make you a more competitive applicant for university admission.