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DStv is a Sub-Saharan African direct broadcast satellite service owned by MultiChoice. The service launched in 1995 provides multiple channels and services to their subscribers.


What is the DStv app?

The DStv app is where you can enjoy all the content for your package, anywhere* and anytime you’re on the go. You can stream your live TV channels and also watch Catch Up. And if you’re not yet a subscriber, you’ll find a small selection of content for you to enjoy.

Our app allows you to set up profiles, create a watchlist of shows on Catch Up, download content (on selected devices), plan your viewing with the TV Guide, and even manage what the kids watch with a fun section for kids. 

Each DStv subscription allows you to stream on one device at a time.

Internet access and data are required to use the app. 

You’ll find the app on a wide range of devices, from Android and iOS devices, to game consoles, Smart TVs, media players and your laptop.

*The little star behind anywhere is a reminder that you can watch DStv at the beach, in your car and while waiting in queues, however – there are some restrictions. Example: if traveling in Africa and in a country that has DStv, you can stream all your live TV channels and watch Catch Up (you won’t get local channels – you get the same channels as at home). However, if in any other country, there will be no content available  – our content rights do not allow for it.

Which countries is the DStv app available in?

The DStv app is available in all African countries which offer DStv via satellite. Remember, the content you can watch in the app is dependent on your package and the country where you have your subscription.

Is the content in the DStv app the same in all countries?

No, the content is dependent on your package and the country where you have your subscription.

Are you only changing the name of DStv Now or are there other changes too?

Every new version of the app has improvements, even if there are no major new features. The biggest change this time is to the name. We are continually developing this app to improve your experience when watching DStv online.

If I have the DStv Now app do I need to update it?

We encourage our users to always be on the latest version of the app – if you have auto updates switched on, it will automatically update without you needing to do anything. If you don’t have auto updates switched on, head to your app store to download the latest version.

Who can use the DStv app?

Anyone can download and use the DStv app. 

If you’re not yet a subscriber, there is a small selection of content available for you to enjoy.

If you are a DStv subscriber, you’ll be able to live stream the TV channels and watch all the Catch Up content linked to your package.

All viewing requires a login – even if you’re not a DStv subscriber.

Why do I need to create and use a login to use the DStv app? (And why do I need to link my login to my DStv account if I have one)?

This is required for you to get access to the correct channels and Catch Up for your package (and country). And if you’re not a DStv subscriber, it also lets us know what content to make available to you.

How much does the DStv app cost?

The DStv app is free* and anyone can download it.

There are data costs when downloading and using the app.

And if you want to watch content which is exclusive to DStv customers, you’ll need to sign up for DStv. 

some apps require up-front payment (you need to buy them before you can use them). Our app does not.

How many devices can I stream on at a time?

With your DStv subscription, you now can stream one device at a time. You can still register four devices on your account, but you will only be permitted to stream on one. To manage your registered devices, go to Settings and then Manage Devices on the DStv App to remove any devices you no longer use.

How can I watch DStv online?

You can either download the DStv app from your app store or you can login to our website to stream live TV channels and watch Catch Up.

All viewing requires a login – even if you’re not a DStv subscriber. 

You can download the app to multiple devices – from Android and iOS devices, to game consoles, Smart TVs and media players.

How much data does the DStv app use?

The data used is dependent on how much content you watch. However, as it is a video service, it can potentially use large amounts of data and we encourage you to make use of the settings available in the app to manage the video quality and data consumption. 

The app uses about 1.15MB of data per minute when you’re watching at the lowest quality resolution, and up to 41MB of data per minute at the highest HD resolution available.

How can I control the amount of data used by the DStv app?

The app includes settings where you can select the video quality (ranging from low quality to highest). 

What internet connection do I need to use the DStv app?

Although you can use our app on any internet connection, we recommend an uncapped connection with a minimum line speed of 4Mbps, and a line speed of 10Mbps if streaming HD content.

Please make sure you are aware of your data charges, as we cannot be held responsible for high data bills when using the app.

Does the DStv app have HD content?

Yes, selected content is available in HD.

Does the DStv app have 4K content?

No, at this time, DStv do not have 4K content.

Does the DStv app have multiple soundtracks?

No, this feature is not supported.

What Live TV channels are available on the DStv app?

If you’re not yet a subscriber, there is a small selection of channels for you to enjoy.

If you are a DStv subscriber, you’ll be able to live stream the TV channels on your package.

No audio channels are available on the app.

Do the Live TV channels have the same schedules as the channels on your decoders?

The schedules are mostly the same. Some programming may be unavailable for streaming due to licencing restrictions.

Can I pause and rewind live TV channels on the DStv app?

No, the ability to pause/rewind/fast forward is only available when watching Catch Up on the app.

Can I record content on the DStv app?

No, recording of content is only available on our PVRs.

Can I set reminders in the DStv app?

Yes, you can set reminders in the TV Guide. Select ‘Remind’ and then choose when you’d like to be reminded.

Can I download content?

Downloading of content is only available on selected devices. A total of 25 titles can be downloaded at any one time. This limit is per subscription and not per device or profile, ie. the combined total across all devices and profiles cannot exceed 25 titles.

Why is the option to download content from the DStv app not available on all devices?

The ability to download content, the restrictions on devices and the number of items which can be downloaded are all regulated by the rights agreements we have with our content suppliers.

Is the limit related to the number of downloads linked to profiles?

No, the limit is per subscription. You can have a total of 25 titles downloaded at any one time, ie. the combined total across all devices and profiles cannot exceed 25 titles.

What Catch Up content is available on the DStv app? Is it the same content I get on PVRs?

The Catch Up available to you on the app is the complete set of Catch Up content for your package. The Catch Up content on a PVR (without needing to connect to the internet) is a smaller selection – with the limitation being the hard drive space on the decoder.
On our older PVRs, we have about 20 hours of Catch Up (with only sport and series). On our Exploras, we have over 170 hours of Catch Up (with series, sport, movies, kids’ stuff and more). The Exploras also have the ability to connect to the internet, allowing selected customers to browse the complete set of Catch Up content for their package and download what they want to watch (customers can download up to 25 titles at any one time).

If you have no DStv subscription, there’s a small selection of Catch Up for you to enjoy.

How long is Catch Up content available for?

The length of time is determined by rights with our content providers and varies from 7 days up to a few months.

Does Catch Up content become available on the app at the same time it becomes available on the PVRs?

Not necessarily. The content on PVRs is delivered via satellite, while content on the app is delivered online.

Does the DStv app have a TV Guide?

Yes, the TV Guide displays schedules for all your channels for 8 days. 

What are profiles?

Because your DStv subscription allows up to four viewers on the app (with two watching at the same time), each person can create their own profile – ensuring their watchlist, recently watched channels, recommendations, and more are personalised and specific to their viewing. You can set up to 6 profiles per DStv subscription – so one for mom, dad, child 1, child 2, gran and even family viewing!

Do the profiles I set up on the DStv app also apply to my decoder?

No, profiles are only on the app.

How do I add or edit a profile?

When you first set-up the app you’ll be prompted to create the main profile – and will need to select an avatar and a name. You can add up to 6 profiles. 

Remember, each profile must have a unique name and avatar (if the name you select for a profile already exists, you won’t be able to save it.)

To edit or add profiles, select the ‘More’ menu and follow the onscreen instructions.

Can I delete a profile?

You can delete all profiles other than the main profile.

Warning – there is no option to ‘undo’ or restore a profile once you have deleted it. When you delete a profile, you lose all history and information associated with the profile, including recommendations, recently watched channels and more. 

How do I switch between profiles?

Select the ‘More’ menu and tap on the avatar of the profile you want to use.

Can I lock my profile?

No, this feature is not supported.

What is a watchlist?

Each profile can set up a watchlist – letting you create (and manage) a list of shows on Catch Up you want to watch.  Anytime you see a Catch Up title of interest to you, simply tap on the watchlist icon to add it to your watchlist.

You’ll find the last 20 titles that you added in the ‘My List’ row on the home page. 

To see your full Watchlist, select the ‘More’ menu, then ‘My List’.

Can I add shows in the TV Guide to my watchlist?

No, you can only add Catch Up titles to your watchlist.

Does the watchlist I create on the DStv app also display on my decoder?

No, the watchlist is exclusive to the app.

Does the DStv app have parental control?

No, however all content includes age restriction information. The app has a DStv Kids section which is a safe and fun environment for kids between the ages of 2 and 10 years to explore kids’ shows (including Catch Up). You’ll find DStv Kids in the ‘More’ menu.  Once your child is in DStv Kids, they will not be able to go to other parts of the DStv app without entering the valid kids lock (which you can select). Please note: even with kids lock, your kids can close or exit the DStv app and use other apps on your device.

If I set up a kids lock, does it apply to all profiles and devices?

No, the kids lock is only applicable to the device you set it up on. You will need to set up different kids locks for each device with the DStv app.

Can my kids download content if they are using DStv Kids?

No, downloading of content is disabled within DStv Kids. You can however download content for them (after completion of downloading, it will appear in ‘My Videos’ in DStv Kids).

Can I filter content for different age groups?

No, this is not available.

What is screen casting?

Screen casting allows you to mirror or play content from the DStv app on screens connected to any AirPlay or Chromecast enabled device. Some smart TVs also support this feature.

Can I use Airplay/Chromecast to cast content from the DStv app on my iOS/Android device to a TV?

Yes. Chromecast is supported on the DStv app for both Android and iOS, while Airplay is supported on iOS. When you’re watching video in the app, look for the AirPlay or Chromecast icon in the video player control, then tap the icon to cast the video to your AirPlay or Chromecast enabled screen. You will still be able to use the app to pause video, change volume or stop casting. If using AirPlay, you can mirror the screen of your mobile device onto the screen of an AirPlay device. To do this, go to the iOS Home screen and swipe up from the bottom to reveal the system tray. Enabled AirPlay Mirroring, then open the DStv app and start streaming your selected content (which will now be viewable in full screen) on your AirPlay device.

Please note : Casting is only available when streaming content and is not available on downloaded content.

Shoot me now – I’ve forgotten my password. How do I reset it?

You can reset your password on the login section of the app (there’s a link for ‘Forgot Password’).

Why has my DStv app stopped working?

We regularly update security requirements on our app to comply with rights agreements we have with our content suppliers. This may impact devices which do not comply with these changes.

How can I switch off notifications I’m getting from the DStv app on my phone?

You can manage notification (select the ‘More’ Menu, then Settings, then Notifications).

What causes down time on the DStv app?

Other than downtime due to maintenance, there are many factors which could contribute to downtime, including ones out of our control like connectivity issues, slow speeds on the internet and even delays on getting feeds from the channels themselves.

Why is streaming always slightly delayed (and behind broadcast on a decoder)?

This is an inherent issue with the streaming of live content. We receive a satellite feed which then needs to be converted to IP for streaming, which results in slight delay.

Where can I get support for the DStv app?

You can use the Live Chat option (select Settings from the ‘More’ menu).

Our teams on social media can also assist you (Twitter @dstvcare or DStv on Facebook).

Alternatively, you can contact our call centre.

Why can’t I find the AirPlay or Chromecast icon when watching video in the app?

The icons will only display if there is an AirPlay or Chromecast enabled device on the same WiFi network you’re using to watch the content in the app. If you do have such a device, check it’s  switched on and connected to the same WiFi network. If it is connected and on the same WiFi and you still don’t see the icon, it may be casting has been disabled on your network.