How many Grade 12 courses do you need for SFU?

To be eligible for admission to Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Canada, applicants must complete a minimum of five approved Grade 12 courses, including all required courses. Equivalent AP or IB courses may be used in place of the following courses.

Here is a breakdown of the required courses:

English Studies 12 (min 70%) or equivalent: This course focuses on developing critical thinking, communication, and research skills in the context of literature, film, and other media.

One course from the Quantitative and Analytical Skills category: This category includes courses such as Pre-Calculus 12, Calculus 12, Foundations of Mathematics 12, and Statistics 12.

Three additional approved Grade 12 courses from any category: This means that you can choose any three other approved courses that align with your interests and academic goals.

In addition to these specific course requirements, applicants must also meet the following general requirements:

  • English language proficiency: Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English by achieving a satisfactory score on an approved English language test, such as the TOEFL or IELTS.
  • Academic achievement: Applicants must have a strong academic record, typically with an average of 80% or higher in their Grade 12 courses.
  • Personal qualities: SFU values applicants who are well-rounded individuals with a demonstrated commitment to academic success, community involvement, and personal growth.

Grade 12 required courses

 Students must complete a minimum of 5 approved grade 12 courses, including all required courses. Equivalent AP or IB courses may be used in place of the following courses.

RequiredCourse List A
One of: 
English 12
English Studies 12 (English 12) (min 70%)
English First Peoples 12 (min 70%)
Francais langue et culture 12 (min 70%)
One of:Pre-Calculus 12
Two of:Anatomy & Physiology 12 (Biology 12) Calculus 12 Chemistry 12 Physics 12
TypeCourse List B
One additional from:
List A or List B
erican Sign Language 12
Arabic 12
Asian Studies 12
BC First Peoples 12
Comparative World Religions 12
Comparative Cultures 12 (Comparative Civilizations 12)
Composition 12
Computer Science 12
Contemporary Indigenous Studies 12
Creative Writing 12
Economic Theory 12
Economics 12
Engineering 12
Entrepreneurship 12
Environmental Science 12 (Sustainable Resources 12)
Financial Accounting 12
Foundations of Mathematics 12
French 12
Genocide Studies 12
Geology 12
Geometry 12
German 12
Human Geography 12
Italian 12
Japanese 12
Korean 12
Law Studies 12
Literary Studies 12 (English Literature 12)
Mandarin 12
Mechatronics 12
New Media 12
Philosophy 12
Physical Geography 12 (Geography 12)
Political Studies 12
Punjabi 12
Russian 12
Social Justice 12
Spanish 12
Spoken Language 12
Statistics 12
Urban Studies 12