How many years does NSFAS fund a student?

Looking for how many years does NSFAS fund a student? NSFAS will support students for a maximum of five (5) years based on the availability of funding in each year and also if they meet the academic requirements for the funding. If you take more than five years to complete your course, you’ll have to pay for your tuition until you complete your qualification

Some degree courses take two (2) to four (4) years. Courses like medicine take like 7 years to complete.

NSFAS bursary funds the following aspect of your education.

  • Tuition Fee
  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Living Allowances
  • Book Allowances
  • Incidental/personal care allowances for students in catered residences.

visite which is the official webpage for your inquiries.

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NSFAS Account Funding Application:

  1. Register online as a user on myNSFAS or re-register a myNSFAS account
    • Go to
    • Click on “myNSFAS” tab
    • Click on “Register
    • Tick the box to allow NSFAS to verify your details
    • Then enter your ID number on the field as it is stated on your South African Identity Document (ID)
    • Type in your full names and surname as per your ID number
    • Type in your current email address
    • Confirm your email address
    • Type in your cellphone number
    • Create a password
    • Confirm password
    • Upload your ID Copy
    • Click on register
    • An OTP will be sent to the email and cell number provided (this OTP expires after 24 hours)
    • Type in the OTP and click submit
    • You have now completed your re-registration
  2. Click the APPLY tab to be directed to the online application form.

Documents needed to apply for NSFAS

Prepare certified copies of the following documents which must not be older than 3 months. Your documents must need to be certified at the South African Police Service or the South African Post Office. If you are under the age of 18 or if you are 18 and older and are STILL DEPENDENT on the combined household income of your parent or legal guardian, then this also applies:

  • A valid copy of your South African ID or unbridged birth certificate. If you are younger than 16 years of age, and do not have a green barcoded ID or smart ID card, you must submit a certified copy of your unabridged birth certificate.
  • IDs of parents and/or guardian (death certificate if applicable)
  • IDs of each person living in your household
  • Proof of annual household income of your parents or guardian or yourself if employed as a payslip or appointment letter (This is for all types of employment or all forms of income for all members of the household. This includes any income received from SASSA grants, Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), or any retirement, life, disability or other benefits paid as a lump sum or in monthly payments.)
  • A certified copy of your latest academic transcript or exam results. (If you are currently in Grade 12, you do not need to submit this)
  • University registration documents (if applicable)
  • Travel and Accommodation documents (if applicable)
  • Proof of marital status (if applicable)
  • Download and complete the consent form and fill it in with signatures of all people whose incomes have been declared in the application.
  • If you have a disability, download and complete the Disability Annexure A Form