How much do Stats SA earn?

With how much Statssa earns, the typical monthly pay at Stats SA ranges from roughly R 6 000 for an office administrator to R 12 075 for a field supervisor. From roughly R 311 784 for Developer to R 569 538 for SAS Programmer, the typical Stats SA compensation ranges.

How much does Stats SA Supervisor earn?

Average Statistics South Africa Field Supervisor monthly pay in South Africa is approximately R 13 165, which is 12% above the national average.

How Much Do Statisticians Make In South Africa?

Statistics analysts making an average salary are paid R 4 321 278 per year or R 2 216 per hour in South Africa.Those working at entry-level positions usually earn 840 000 R a year, and experienced workers are paid r 740 000 R a year.

Are Statisticians In Demand In South Africa?

Statisticians are employed or in demand in South Africa? ?In South Africa, they are a rare species.The reason for this is that few local universities collaborate with industries to identify what skills are needed and to tailor curriculums.

Do Statisticians Make Good Money?

In May 2020, statisticians were paid an average salary of $92,270 annually.With respect to total income, the lowest 10% earned less than $52,700, but the highest 10% earned more than $150,840 during the year.Salaries for mathematicians and statisticians tend to be full-time.

How Much Do Stats Sa Workers Earn?

Statistics SA pays a Field Workers Wage SA in South Africa? ?Stats SA Field workers in South Africa receive on average $6 471 a month, a 30% increase compared with the national level.

Do Statisticians Get Paid A Lot?

Statisticians – what does they uch Does a Statistician Make? ?By 2020, Statisticians were earning a median salary of $92,270.As a proportion of income, the best-paid 25% of workers made $121,800, while the bottom 25th workers made $68,810 in 2011.

What Is The Highest Salary For A Statistician?

Annual SalaryWeekly Pay
Top Earners$145,500$2,798
75th Percentile$112,500$2,163
25th Percentile$78,000$1,500

Is There A Demand For Statisticians?

It is estimated that the employment of mathematicians and statisticians will grow by 33 percent from 2020 through 2030.Approximately 5,200 openings for mathematicians and statisticians are projected each year, on average, by the middle of the next decade.

How Much Does A Statistician Make In South Africa?

salary of a statistician is based on their salary average. They can be paid anything between R 400 and R 2 318 per hour.Starting salaries for entry-level positions range from R 786 000 up to R 7 920 050, although some experienced workers make much higher salaries.

Where Do Statistician Work In South Africa?

Universities, Klingons, metropolitan councils, agriculture and water affairs, Forestry and fisheries, utility company Eskom, and the Central Statistical Service provide these institutions with services.

What Can You Do With A Statistics Degree In South Africa?

The fields of finance, risk analysis, analytics, and statistics are all graduate courses in statistics.

Do Statisticians Get Paid Well?

According to payscale2020, statisticians earned $92,270 in 2020.During that time, the top-paid 25 percent earned $121,800, while the bottom 25 percent earned $68,810.

What Type Of Statistician Makes The Most Money?

Statistician with a salary range between $96,000-$146,000.A quantitative analyst’s salary can range anywhere from $93,000 to $145,500.Quantitative Analyst Developer.Quantitative Analyst, Marketing.Mathematical Statistician.Survey Statistician.Statistical Analyst.Applied Statistician.

Is Statistician A Good Career?

The U.As a Statistician according to the News & World Report 2021, it ranked 6th overall, 5th for STEM and 2nd for business in their 10 Best Jobs Report 2021 list.

Is It Worth Being A Statistician?

Interested in a career path that offers growth, opportunities for success, low cost of living, work-life balance and good salary? Fill out the form below.The United States ranks siness job, period, and the second best job in America by U.S.According to the U.S. News & World Report.

How Much Is Salary For Stats Sa?

Job TitleRangeAverage
Correctional OfficerRange:R132k – R502k (Estimated *)Average:R316,411
Data Entry ClerkRange:R70k – R239k (Estimated *)Average:R129,776
Deputy Director, Civil ServiceRange:R435k – R989k (Estimated *)Average:R706,628

How Much Do South African Social Workers Earn?

South Africa’s average social worker salary is a little over R 253 206 each year or slightly less, at about R 130 per hour.Starting salaries for entry-level employees in South Africa range from R 192 000 to R 638 885 per year, while experienced employees can earn up to R 586 893.

How Much Do Mine General Workers Earn In South Africa?

It is generally believed that Mine General Workers earns between R 177 600 and R 91 000 per year.The rate per hour is $8.Most experienced employees can make up to R 331 050 per year with the start-up line in their prime working years.