How much is a semester at Ottawa University?

A semester at Ottawa University in Canada costs between $13,000 and $13,500 for full-time international students. The exact cost depends on the number of units you take. Here is a breakdown of the tuition fees for full-time international students in this academic year:

If you have any questions about paying for your tuition, or would like help accessing financial aid programs, contact the Ottawa University Family Financial Planner at 785-248-2376. You may be eligible for more money than you think.

Tuition and Fees2023-2024
Full Time Tuition (12-18 hours)$15,950 $31,900
Part Time Tuition (per hour up to 11 hours)$1,350 $1,350
Overload Tuition (per hour over 18)$900 $900
Occasional Tuition (one course per semester)$595 $595
Summer School (per hour up to 6 hours)$595 $595
Summer School (per hour over 6 hours)$530 $530
Teacher Certification Students$475 $475
Master of Business Administration Program (per hour)$649 $649
Master of Arts in Education (per hour)$475 $475
Undergraduate Course Audit (per credit hour)$50 $50
Master’s Course Audit (per credit hour)$75 $75
Prices are subject to change.

Residence Hall Charges2023-2024
Martin Hall
Triple Occupancy$2,525$5,050
Double Occupancy$2,680$5,360
Small Double$2,525$5,050
Single Occupancy (if available)$4,225$8,450
Apartment (douple occupancy)$3,500$7,000
Single Apartment (if available)$4,530$9,060
Bennett Hall
Double/Triple Occupancy$2,680$5,360
Single Occupancy (if available)$4,020$8,040
Apartment (double occupancy)$3,500$7,000
Single Apartment (if available)$4,530$9,060
Brown Hall
Triple/Quad Occupancy$2,010$4,020
Double Occupancy$2,165$4,330
Small Double$2,010$4,020
Single Occupancy (if available)$3,500$7,000
Off-Campus Housing
Blue Mountain Apartments (double occupancy)$3,710$7,420
Blue Mountain Apartments (triple occupancy)$3,330$6,660
Gillette House (double occupancy)$3,710$7,420
University Apartments (single occupancy)$4,325$8,650
Suites at Rock Creek$3,350$6,700
The OU Lofts on Main Street$4,300$8,600
Prices are subject to change.

Dining Club Membership Charges2023-2024
All Access ($100 Dining Dollars per Semester)$3,400$6,800
225-Block ($75 Dining Dollars per Semester)$3,075$6,150
100-Block ($75 Dining Dollars per Semester)$1,320$2,640
Fall Preseason Meal Plan $315
Prices are subject to change. The 100-block membership is only available to students who reside in a University apartment (on campus, as well as in Gillette House, University Apartments and Blue Mountain Apartments), lives off-campus, or in other qualifying University-sponsored housing.

Other Charges2023-2024
Student Fees
General Fee – Full Time (more than 6 hours)$1,700$3,400
General Fee – Part Time (1-5 hours)$1,200$2,400
Other Charges
Application Fee$25
Enrollment Deposit (credit to student account)$100
Housing Reservation Deposit (credit to student account)$50
Red Cross First Aid Fee$225
Student Teaching Fee$430
Prices are subject to change

In addition to tuition, you will also be responsible for paying ancillary fees, such as the U-Pass (for public transportation), health services, and sports. The total cost of ancillary fees is approximately $450 per semester.

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you will pay lower tuition fees. The exact cost of tuition will depend on whether you reside in Ontario or outside of Ontario.