How much is code 8 licence?

Answering the question “How much is code 8 licence?” the fees and prices for code 8 driving packages start from R900 for 5 x 1 hour k53 lessons followed through with services ranging to complete packages including the lessons plus test booking at the traffic department, early test date within 2 weeks and provide the vehicle on the test day to and pass the drivers test.

The cost of a Code 8 (or Code B) driver’s license in South Africa varies depending on the driving school and the services included. Here are some details:

  • Individual Driving Lessons: From R240.00 per lesson (hour) outside of bundle deals.
  • Using the vehicle for a driving test at the traffic department: From R550.00.
  • Booking for Appointment: R 1000.00.
  • Traffic Department Confirmation: R 228.00.
  • Test Car Hire: R 1000.00.
  • Issuing of License: R 228.00