How much is TV Licence a month?

The annual fee for a domestic television licence in South Africa is R265.00. This can be paid in a lump sum or in monthly installments of R28.00 per month. There is a small administration fee for monthly payments, so the total cost for monthly payments is R336.00 per year.

Here is a summary of the TV licence fees in South Africa:

  • Domestic licence: R265.00 per year (R28.00 per month with administration fee)
  • Business, dealer, lessor or mobile television licence: R265.00 per year
  • Concessionary TV licence: R74.00 per year

The SABC TV licence is a legal requirement for anyone in South Africa who owns or possesses a television set. The licence fee is used to fund the operations of the SABC, which provides a wide range of public service broadcasting services. It is important to renew your TV licence on time to avoid penalties.