How to apply for a SingPass account

To apply for a SingPass account in Singapore, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the SingPass website: Go to the official SingPass website at
  2. Click on “Register for SingPass”: On the SingPass website’s homepage, you will find a “Register for SingPass” button. Click on it to proceed with the registration process.
  3. Check eligibility criteria: Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria to apply for a SingPass account. Generally, Singapore citizens, permanent residents, and selected work pass holders are eligible.
  4. Select registration mode: There are two registration modes available: Online and In-Person. If you have a valid Singapore-issued NRIC (National Registration Identity Card), you can choose the Online mode. Otherwise, select the In-Person mode.
  5. Online registration (for Singapore citizens and permanent residents with a valid NRIC): a. Provide personal details: Fill in the required personal information, including your NRIC number, name, date of birth, and contact details. b. Create a SingPass ID and password: Choose a SingPass ID and password for your account. Make sure to follow the password requirements specified on the website. c. Set up security questions: Select and answer three security questions to enhance the security of your account. d. Activate your SingPass account: Activate your SingPass account by following the instructions provided on the website. This may involve verifying your identity through various methods, such as SMS, email, or SingPass Mobile app.
  6. In-Person registration (for non-NRIC holders or those unable to register online): a. Visit a SingPass counter: Locate the nearest SingPass counter and bring your identification documents, such as NRIC, passport, or work pass, along with any other supporting documents required.  b. Complete the registration form: Fill out the SingPass registration form provided at the counter. Provide accurate personal information as required. c. Submit the form and documents: Submit the completed form and your identification documents to the SingPass counter officer. They will verify your documents and process your SingPass application. d. Activate your SingPass account: After your application is approved, you will receive instructions on how to activate your SingPass account. Follow the provided instructions to complete the activation process.
  7. Access SingPass services: Once your SingPass account is activated, you can use it to access various government e-services in Singapore, such as filing taxes, applying for permits, or accessing healthcare services online.

Remember to keep your SingPass ID and password secure and avoid sharing them with others. If you encounter any issues during the registration process, you can seek assistance from the SingPass Helpdesk or contact their support channels listed on the SingPass website.