How to become a traffic cop

Looking for ways and how to become a traffic cop or Traffic officer in south Africa. Below are the requirements and procedures to become a traffic officer in South Africa.

To become a Traffic Officer, you need to be employed or appointed as a trainee (permanent or on contract) by a Provincial Department of Transport, a Municipality or a Government Agency such as the Road Traffic Management Corporation.

The minimum requirements to become a Traffic Officer are as follows:

  • Minimum educational qualification of matric or grade 12 or equivalent.
  • Code B driving licence (manual transmission).
  • No Criminal record.
  • Medical Certificate as proof that a person can do strenuous exercise.
  • Applicants shall not be older than 35 years of age

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The Unit focuses on the overall quality of road traffic training; determining and implementing standards for training of traffic personnel. The outcome of the programme is to professionalise the fraternity to ensure that competent and skilled personnel are employed to improve and restore the image of law enforcers and road safety practitioners. Training of Traffic Officers is an on-going process that focuses on all elements of law enforcement and road safety.

The Unit is responsible for the Norms and Standards in all Traffic Training Colleges. It is also responsible for ensuring that Traffic Colleges meet the required standards as stipulated in Regulation 2B of the National Road Traffic Act (NRTA) and the Policy Document for Traffic Training Centres. The Unit monitors and evaluates colleges.

It also compiles, distribute and moderate summative assessment instruments (exams) for the following courses:
•    Traffic Officer qualification;
•    Examiner of Vehicles; and  
•    Examiner for Driving Licences.
Our Curriculum Sub-Unit is responsible for developing curriculums and learning material for new courses.