Is SAT required for university of British Columbia?

With the query of Is SAT required for university of British Columbia? The SAT is not required for admission to the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada. However, applicants who have a SAT score and would like it to be considered as part of the admissions process are welcome to submit it.

UBC is a test-optional university, which means that applicants will not be at a disadvantage if they cannot or choose not to submit a standardized test score. UBC considers a variety of factors in the admissions process, including academic transcripts, personal essays, letters of recommendation, and extracurricular activities.

If you do choose to submit your SAT score, UBC will consider the following:

  • The highest total score out of all your SAT attempts
  • The highest score for each of the three subtests (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, Math, and Essay)

UBC does not have a minimum SAT score requirement. However, the average SAT score for admitted students is 1300.

Applicants Following American Secondary School Curriculum

Applicants following the American secondary school curriculum must present the following minimum criteria to be considered for admission:

  • graduation from an academic or college preparation program at a US regionally-accredited school;
  • English to the senior level (not ESL);
  • three years of mathematics to the junior level;
  • a minimum final grade of 70% (or equivalent) in either junior or senior year English; and

The submission of standardized test scores (SAT and ACT) is optional. Applicants who have a SAT or ACT test score and would like them to be considered as part of the UBC admissions process are welcome to submit their test score. Applicants will not be at a disadvantage if they cannot or choose not to submit a test score.

Certain programs may require a competitive minimum grade in individual prerequisite courses.

Students applying with a US High school diploma are recommended to present at least six senior-level courses as part of their diploma. Applicants with a strong academic record who do not present the minimum number of courses as per above will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Academic courses are generally taken in the junior or senior year of secondary school but some appropriate courses may be taken earlier than this. Inclusion of those courses in the overall or core assessment will be determined by the Undergraduate Admissions Office at the time of review. For example, it is possible for students to take AP courses, and some science courses, earlier than junior year. Courses such as these are appropriate for admission, and will be in overall and core assessments.

Program requirements listed in Program Requirements for Canadian Secondary School Applicants will be applied to applicants, as appropriate, for the US secondary school curriculum presented for admission.

The University reserves the right to determine whether or not a student is eligible for admission and to determine what transfer credit, if any, may be granted.