Mandela Coins Selling Price

If you’re interested in selling Mandela coins or determining their current market value. The selling price of Mandela coins in South Africa can vary greatly depending on the type of coin, its condition, and the demand for it. Below are the estimated resale prices for Mandela coins:

  • 2020 Crown and Tickey R2 (Crown, sterling silver): R 995
  • 2 1/2c (Tickey, Sterling Silver): R 395
  • Set (R2 Crown, 2 1/2c Sterling Silver): R 3 695
  • 2019 Protea Prestige set: R 35 995
  • R25 (1oz, 24ct Gold): R 33,995
  • R5 (1/10oz, 24ct Gold): R 4 495
  • R1 (Uncirculated, Sterling-Silver): R 445
  • R1 (Proof, Sterling-Silver): R 545

For the 90th Birthday MS 65 and 90th Birthday MS 66 coins, the estimated retail prices are R492.00 and R429.00 respectively. 

The Mandela Centenary Coin MS 67 and Mandela Centenary coin MS 68 are estimated to retail at R297.76 and R501.94 respectively