Mandela Coins Value

The R5 Mandela coin value is R150,000 according to the bid and buy list. 3. Mandela’s 100th Anniversary coin. 100th birthday of the Ex-president Nelson Mandela was honored with an R5 coin.

The coins that were R5 denomination were meant to be used as regular money.

What makes Mandela Coins so Valuable?

Well, as we all know, one of the most famous men on the planet, Nelson Mandela, his head is on this coin and that makes this coin very unique and a very special coin. Should you ask all the people on the planet, 7 billion people, should you ask them who is the most famous man, the majority of them would have to say it’s Mr. Nelson Mandela.

This makes this coin really, really special. It is the first time in the history of the world that a government minted money to commemorate somebody’s birthday, and this was Mr. Nelson Mandela. He turned 90 years old in 2008, and they only made 5 million of these coins. Our country has got about 46 million people, and people collecting Mandela coins wanted one for their collection, but not everybody could get one. This makes this coin very, very special, and sought after.

Considering there are about 50 million coin stamp collectors worldwide that are active. Their coin collection is just not complete without a coin like this, which is what makes these Mandela coins wanted.

Another reason that makes these Mandela coins wanted is that when they came out, and they were supposed to be circulated, they simply weren’t. They just disappeared. And any coin that should go into circulation and doesn’t generally creates more value over time, than a mint. Because mint is specifically for an investor.

A coin that’s supposed to go in and be five rands and be circulated in the market, and isn’t, creates a totally different environment in terms of what its wealth will be, or its worth will be, in time to come. So yeah, that’s really why.