PSiRA Grades

In South Africa, the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSiRA) grades security guards from A – E. Below is a brief overview of each grade:

  • PSIRA Grade E: This is the entry-level qualification for beginner security guards. The course content includes duties of a patrolman and security officer and motor guard duties. The entry requirement is ABET level 3, which equals Grade 9 or Standard 7.
  • PSIRA Grade D: This grade is for those who have completed Grade E. The course content focuses on access and exit control (gates, doors, etc).
  • PSIRA Grade C: This grade requires completion of Grade D. The course content is similar to Grade D, but it is for those who want to supervise lower grades.
  • PSIRA Grade B: This grade requires completion of Grade C. The course content includes skills for a security first-line supervisor, Patrol Officer, Access Control Officer, and Asset Protection Officer.
  • PSIRA Grade A: This is the highest grade, requiring completion of Grade B. The course content is similar to Grade B, but it is for those who want to oversee overall security operations.

Each grade has defined roles and responsibilities, and the grading system ensures a consistent level of training and competency across the industry.

Learners entering the field of security will be empowered by this qualification as it provides the elementary competencies needed in the security sector such as access and egress control, conducting patrols and observation techniques. This qualification is the first in a learning pathway for the security sector. After completion of this qualification, learners will be able to enter various security disciplines such as electronic security or close protection security.

Once learners are have completed this qualification, they will be able to access higher qualifications within the learning pathway, and will be able to choose from specialised fields such as dog handling, assets in transit operations, firearm specialisations, etc