Queen’s University Identity Platform

This article provides all the needed information on Queen’s University Identity Platform.

The Queen’s University Identity Platform can be accessed here.

How do I activate my Queens account?

Once your appointment has been finalized by the department, you will be provided with an Employee #. With this number you can claim and set up your Queen’s Employee NetID, a unique network identification that allows you to access many of Queen’s online services. To set up your Employee NetID, complete the following steps:

NetID login screen
  • Account Type: Employee
  • Employee #: enter your new Employee #
  • Enter Birthdate (yyyymmdd)
  • Click Continue and follow the steps. The final step will ask you to ‘Activate your NetID’

At the end of the process, you will be provided with your Employee NetID; please save or write this down for your records. NetID passwords can be changed by logging in online: https://netid.queensu.ca/selfservice/login/auth.

Once your employee NetID is activated, your employee email is active. When you have a working password, you can access your employee NetID email using Microsoft’s Outlook client or by logging into Office 365 with your employee NetID at https://office365.queensu.ca.

  • Tutorial: http://www.queensu.ca/its/microsoft-office-365/email-calendar
  • By default, email access will be disabled 30 days after your contract ends. However, if you require your employee email access to continue for a limited time beyond your contract, please ask your supervisor to submit this request to IT support.