RAF 1 form

Click here to download the RAF 1 Form here. Remember that without the RAF 1 Form, you cannot lodge a claim.

Road Accident Fund: Withdrawal of the Substitution of the RAF 1 Third Party Claim Form

RAF 1 form

All claims must be lodged using the RAF 1 form.

The form asks for basic information, including:

  • the claimant
  • details of the vehicles and parties involved in the road accident giving rise to the claim
  • a description of the accident
  • the amount that is being claimed
  • a medical report from the claimant’s doctor.

RAF 3 form

The RAF 3 form is a statutory accident report form. It must be submitted with details of the accident, along with any witness statements.

RAF 4 form

If general damages are claimed, a Serious Injury Assessment Report (RAF 4) must be submitted.

This must confirm that the injury is serious enough for the claimant to be awarded general damages for pain and suffering.

Find out more about this form and what it verifies in our article on what injuries count as “serious”.

Supporting documents for a RAF claim

Along with the official forms, claimants must submit relevant medical reports, receipts and financial statements, as well as any other documents that support their claims.

Some examples of supporting documents are hospital records and medical bills, doctor’s reports, financial statements and receipts.

It’s the claimant’s responsibility to submit enough supporting documentation.

However, the RAF doesn’t supply any definite list of the supporting documents that must be included. These will also vary depending on the types of compensation being claimed.

For instance, payslips might help substantiate a claim for loss of income due to injury.

To ensure your claim is as strong as possible, it’s advisable to have an experienced attorney oversee it.

Hiring an attorney to assist you

Due to the dangers of direct claims being rejected without proper grounds or undersettled, it’s strongly recommended that you use the services of an experienced attorney when lodging a claim with the RAF.

This attorney can assess your claim, ensure it’s submitted with appropriate supporting documentation, advise you whether to accept any settlement offer from the RAF and, if necessary, guide you through the appeals process.