RAF Claim Enquiry

RAF Claim Enquiry can be made by calling the free RAF call center at 0800 202 945.

You will be given the right information over the phone. But for security reasons, you might be asked for some details listed on your compensation letter to tell you more about your claim. Here, you can speak to a person in the claims department at RAF by emailing: claimstatusraf@sars.gov.za.

What is the status of my RAF Claim

The Road Accident Fund use the below diagram to explain to potential litigants the RAF claims process:

Unfortunately, what is not depicted in this diagram is the large waiting time in between stages and especially at the end post court-order or settlement.

Because the RAF is currently facing cash flow problems, it may take time – in some cases, more than 180 days – after settlement of your claim for the RAF to pay you the awarded amount.

The frustrating issue is that during this period, not even your attorney will be able to give you certainty on the status of your RAF claim. If you are waiting for these funds for a specific purpose, this uncertainty can be extremely painful.

How can I get paid out quicker?

Now there is finally a solution. RAFPay provides you with immediate cash relief based on the value of your court order. Once we have all the required documentation, we make payment on the same day.

RAFPay is not a loan and so you can be sure that no interest is growing while the Road Accident Fund are delaying.

Now there is no more needing to continually check your RAF claim status.

If you have a signed court order and could benefit from ending the delay, contact RAFPay on +27 (0)66-070-6380 (WhatsApps and ‘Please call me’s are welcome). You can also email us at info@rafpay.co.za