Rand Water Learnerships | Learnerships in South Africa

Rand Water Learnerships | Learnerships in South Africa

Engineering Learnerships at Rand Water

There are many types of people who have purposes in life. Some of them may want to be engineering while some others want to be environmentalist. For those who want to be the latter, it is possible to consider Rand Water learnerships. The learnerships are designed for those who want to train themselves to work in professional companies dealing with environment especially related to water as main resource. We all know the importance of water, and Rand Water is in South Africa dealing with water scarcity. Though the learnerships are designed for those who care about environment, it does not necessarily offer absolute chance for candidates. There are some selections based on requirements for being accepted in the programme.

Requirements of Rand Water Learnerships

There are some requirements that should be fulfilled for being accepted. First of all, the candidate should be South African citizens. The reason is merely because Rand Water itself is located in South Africa. Secondly, it is designed for those who have finished their studies in appropriate degree. Moreover, the score should be sufficient for hitting the standard needed by the company itself. The third requirement is having several assessments for something like psychometric assessment. Those are all three main requirements before registering the Rand Water Learnerships application.

Available Fields on Rand Water Learnerships

As they are standard requirements, they are mostly applicable for many kinds of job fields. Chemistry, environmental education, microbiology, and physiology with their specifications are required for being qualified in the job field. Rand Water learnership is definitely interesting to join. Currently in 2015, about 15 000 youth will be trained as Plumbers and Artisans (closing date: 31 October 2015)! Within , there are many possibilities that can be tried. By following the training programme, it is possible to be experienced individual for acquiring better chance in the future. It is also quite easy to pursue career in same company i.e. Rand Water as environmentalist. In order to apply Rand Water learnership , it is better to directly visit this page.
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