Sasol Learnerships | Learnerships in South Africa

Sasol Learnerships | Learnerships in South Africa

Sasol Mining Learnerships

South Africa is lucky because there is a great company known as Sasol. Leading in resources involving technology and chemical substances for developing sustainability, this company is focusing on mining. The presence of Sasol mining learnerships is absolutely great target for fresh graduate. People who have just passed their education in university or college can go straight to this company as long as there is available slot for them. Fortunately due to Sasol learnerships, it is becoming possible for inexperienced students to gain knowledge related to particular position or division within this company. Since this company is massive, it requires various disciplines to work effectively. Therefore, it also needs various students from other majors like social science and others.

Tips in Applying for Sasol Learnerships

In order to be accepted in the training program, there are several things that should be followed. First of all, it is always advice to consider the deadline of application itself. It is better to prepare anything far away before deadline as it helps to prepare more things effectively and maximally. Sasol Learnershipsalso have specific requirements that should be fulfilled. It includes the mechanism of obtaining the proposal. Once in a time, the company may ask application to be sent to email while sometimes it is not acceptable. Therefore, Applying learnerships at Sasol need to notice everything accurately.

Sasol Learnership in Secunda

Other than concerning mechanism of registration, it is also best to know some requirements that are commonly demanded by the company. The mining company probably needs process artisan, instrument mechanic, mechanical fitter, and rigger. Those positions may only be available for some people in particular regions as well. Therefore, it is better to know exactly the detail of Sasol learnerships. In addition to finishing education major, certification is also needed for Sasol Learnership in Secunda. Grade 12 or N3, mathematics SG, and business English are mandatory certifications to have before applying. To check available Sasol Learnerships , visit this page.
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