University of Pretoria Library

University of Pretoria Library Services serves the students, faculty and researchers of the University of Pretoria. The library of the University of Pretoria is regarded as one of the top university libraries in South Africa. It provides a comprehensive information service for the university’s approximately 38 161 undergraduate students, 16 805 postgraduates and 8 843 full-time staff members.

The official website of the library is

The University of Pretoria Library is considered one of the best university libraries in South Africa. It provides comprehensive information services to the University’s approximately 35,000 undergraduate students, 21,000 graduate students, and approximately 5,000 full-time staff.

The library aspires to be a leader in providing solutions to information and knowledge challenges for academic excellence. Therefore, in addition to traditional library services, libraries offer their customers comprehensive electronic services such as e-books, e-journals, scholarly portals, digital repositories for research, customized websites, e-dissertation databases, and knowledge tools. It offers. , digitized local full-text collections, and digital information services.

University of Pretoria(UP) Online Application

The Online Application System is intended for use by new prospective students submitting an application to UP for the first time. It is not intended for students presently registered at the University of Pretoria.

To use the Online Application System you will need the following:

  • internet access
  • an email address which you can access regularly, because as soon as you submit your online application, a student number (EMPLID) will be sent to this email address as confirmation of receipt.