USPS Forward mails

The USPS will forward your mail from your old address to your new one for a period of 15 days to a year if your relocation is temporary. Fill out a USPS change of address form to get started. This includes inquiries on the sort of transfer, the start and end dates for mail forwarding, and more.

Moving or Relocating Standard Forward Mail & Change of Address

To ensure that your USPS® mail is correctly forwarded to your new location if you are moving, file a permanent change-of-address request. Send a temporary change-of-address request if you’re just moving temporarily, such as to visit a second home or spend a long period of time with family, so that you may continue to receive mail while you’re gone for up to a year.


Prepare. In spite of the fact that mail sending might start inside 3 work days of your submitted demand, permitting as long as 2 weeks is ideal. Mail will be sent to your new location as it comes, piece by piece. Decide to change your location in a couple of straightforward advances on the web or visit your nearby Post Office™ area.

What Mail Is Sent

  • First-Class™ mail and periodicals (pamphlets and magazines) are sent for nothing.
  • Premium transportation administrations (Need Mail®, Need Mail Express®, Top of the line Package®) are sent free of charge.
  • Media Mail® and USPS Retail Ground® are sent, yet you should pay the expense for delivery from your nearby Mailing station to your impermanent location.
  • USPS Showcasing Mail® isn’t sent.
  • If it’s not too much trouble, note that your difference in address request naturally refreshes no state or individual records. You’re answerable for refreshing your Division of Engine Vehicles (DMV), citizen enrollment, and banking data.

Step by step instructions to Change Your Location On the web

  • Go to the Authority USPS Change of Address® site.
  • Select Long-lasting or Impermanent.
  • Pay the $1.10 personality confirmation charge.
  • Complete the proper web-based structure.
  • USPS will email you an affirmation code. Utilize this code to change or drop your solicitation.
  • A welcome pack with coupons from USPS accomplices will show up at your new location.
  • Mail will be rerouted to your new location piece by piece.

Instructions to Change Your Location at the Mail center

Visit your nearby Mail center area. Track down a Mailing station
Demand a free Mover’s Aide parcel.
Finish up the PS Structure 3575 tracked down inside the parcel.

Additional Mail Forwarding

The typical forwarding of mail lasts one year. For an additional 6, 12, or 18 months, mail forwarding can be extended for a fee (18 months is the maximum). When you first submit your request for a change of address, you can include Extended Mail Forwarding; if you change your mind later, you can also add it. (USPS will also give you a notice when your mail forwarding is about to expire in 1 month.) Important: If you purchase Extended Mail Forwarding, you cannot cancel or get a refund.