With more than 2,000 USPS Jobs functions that allow for growth and advancement, we provide a variety of challenging and rewarding opportunities around the country. The positions on the list receive the most applications, making them the top job prospects with USPS at the moment. Throughout the year, openings will continue to be advertised on a continuous basis.

Bookkeeping and money

  • Bookkeeper: Supports the examination, readiness and monetary revealing cycle as per Sound accounting standards (GAAP).
  • Monetary Investigator: Behaviors complete monetary surveys and studies to dissect, assess and give an account of monetary outcomes, patterns and suggestions
  • Buying Trained professional: Requests, arranges, regulates and settles agreements and buys for administrations, supplies and gear including casual buys.
  • Buying and Supply The board Trained professional: Dissects and screens the Postal Assistance’s utilization of items and administrations to draw in contracted administrations and hardware in arrangement with laid out provider the executives standards.

Corporate Correspondences

  • Inventive Maker/Chief: Autonomously delivers, coordinates and makes show, educational, special and other video and visual media items to convey the objectives and targets of the Postal Help as it connects with workers and clients.
  • Visual Planner: Makes and alters realistic plans for flyers, programs, distributions, structures, banners and visual show materials for Postal Assistance occasions, items and interior associations. Guarantees plans impart a corporate picture steady with Postal Help objectives and strategies.


  • City Transporter/City Transporter Partner: Conveys and gathers mail by walking or by vehicle under fluctuating street and weather patterns in a doled out region.
  • Country Transporter/Rustic Transporter Partner: Cases, conveys and gathers mail along a provincial course utilizing a vehicle. Furnishes clients on the course with various administrations.


  • Semi truck Administrator: Works an uncompromising heavy transport either in over-the-street, city transport administration, or trailer spotting tasks.
  • Engine Vehicle Administrator: Works a mail truck on a consistently planned course to get and move mail in mass.


Modern Designer: Manages and applies cross country modern designing, normalization and improvement principles of mail handling activities. Attempts to further develop administration and cost execution.


  • HR Investigation Trained professional: Use information examination apparatuses and high level business data (BI) devices to execute significant improvements to HR cycles and drives.
  • Modern Clinician: Leads work examination studies and rebuild tasks to create and invigorate sets of responsibilities, ability models and related materials.
  • Progression Arranging Subject matter expert: Creates, executes and keeps up with corporate progression arranging projects, strategies and cycles to guarantee a different, qualified ability pool meet future initiative requirements of the association.
  • Ability The executives Trained professional: Works with the turn of events, execution and support of ability the board and authority improvement projects, approaches and cycles to meet the current and future labor force requirements of the association.

Data Innovation (IT)

  • Cloud Designer: Oversees work for explicit Data Innovation (IT) that shapes the groundwork of the undertaking wide Cloud Engineering. Creates cloud-based models to meet prerequisite of new and existing applications and administrations.
  • Information Examiner: Adds to base camp knowledge advancement, insightful investigations, and review exercises.
  • Criminological PC Examiner: Behaviors legal examinations of computerized and other mixed media proof on the side of criminal and authoritative examinations.
  • Danger Tasks Trained professional: Supervises safeguarding strategies and data gathered from various sources to forestall and answer digital protection dangers and occasions that happen inside the organization.

Assessment Administration

  • Criminological Examiner: Behaviors legal investigations on proof using logical procedures, measurable methods and quality affirmation rehearses. Helps controllers, policing and examiners in issues connected with legal assessments.
  • Legal Report Inspector: Behaviors measurable archive assessments through the use of logical practices for the acknowledgment, assortment, examination, and translation of actual proof for criminal and common regulation or administrative purposes.
  • Criminological Idle Print Expert: Behaviors measurable examinations to create and recognize dormant prints (fingerprints) using logical techniques on the side of criminal and managerial examinations.


Lawyer: Gives portrayal and guidance to Postal Help authorities including the understanding of sculptures, guidelines, agreements, and points of reference. Presents cases before regulatory bodies and government courts in the overall regulation practice regions.


  • Car Repairman: Investigates, analyze, and performs routine fixes and booked upkeep on a wide range of engine vehicles utilized in the postal armada.
  • Car Expert: Performs normal and complex fixes and upkeep on a wide range of engine vehicles utilized in the postal armada. Investigates and analyze more mind boggling vehicle breakdowns utilizing an assortment of modernized test gear.
  • Lead Auto Tech: Act as a pioneer for lower-level professionals and mechanics in a vehicle support office. By and by play out the most perplexing fixes and support on a wide range of engine vehicles utilized in the postal armada.


PSE Deals and Svcs/Dissemination Partner: Performs conveyance and different deals and client assistance administrations for items. Keeps up with charming and successful advertising with clients and others requiring an overall knowledge of normally utilized postal regulations, guidelines, and systems.

Arranging and dealing with

Mail Controller Partner: Loads, dumps and moves mass mail and performs different obligations connected with mail handling.
PSE Mail Handling Representative: Plays out an assortment of agent obligations expected to deal with mail utilizing mechanized mail handling hardware or manual strategies for sortation and dispersion.

Support staff

Overseer: Performs physical work obligations regarding guardianship of an office or building.