What is direct entry in University of Manitoba?

Direct entry at the University of Manitoba (UM) in Canada is a pathway for students who have not attended a post-secondary institution or have completed fewer than 24 credit hours of post-secondary level study. Direct entry students can apply to a variety of undergraduate degree programs at UM, including arts, science, business, education, engineering, and more.

To be eligible for direct entry, students must meet the minimum program-specific admission requirements. These requirements vary depending on the program, but typically include a minimum grade average in certain high school courses. Some programs may also require additional requirements, such as an audition, portfolio, or letters of recommendation.

Once students have been admitted to UM as direct entry students, they will typically begin their studies in the University 1 (U1) program. U1 is a unique, flexible program that allows students to meet the admission or first year requirements for one or more target degree programs, even if they are not yet sure which degree path is right for them.

After completing U1, students can transfer to their chosen degree program. Transfer students are typically required to maintain a certain grade average in U1 in order to be guaranteed admission to their target degree program.

Direct entry is a popular option for students who are eager to start their university studies but may not have all of the required prerequisites. It is also a good option for students who are not sure which degree program they want to pursue.

Here are some of the benefits of direct entry at UM:

  • It allows students to start their university studies right away.
  • It gives students the flexibility to explore different degree programs before making a commitment.
  • It can save students time and money by avoiding the need to complete additional prerequisites.