What is the Coinvest WhatsApp number?

The short answer to “What is the Coinvest WhatsApp number?” is +27 11 507 5555.

Coinvest does not have a direct WhatsApp number for customer support in South Africa. However, they do offer WhatsApp Pay services through their Coinvest Money app. To access these services, you will need to create a Coinvest Money account and link your WhatsApp account to it. Once you have done this, you can use WhatsApp to send and receive money, top up your account, buy airtime, buy data bundles, buy electricity vouchers, and view and send payment requests.

To use WhatsApp Pay with Coinvest, follow these steps:

  1. Open a Virtual Account from your Coinvest Money Profile. This will allow you to make payments and transact on your Virtual Card Account using Whatsapp.
  2. Download WhatsApp onto your compatible mobile device.
  3. Save our Super Number +27 11 507 5555 onto your mobile device phonebook.
  4. Open WhatsApp and select the Super Number Contact you just saved to open up a chat box.
  5. Within the chat box type “Hi”. This will bring up the WhatsApp Pay Menu.
  6. You can now pay a QR code, get paid with your QR code, send money, top-up your account, buy airtime, buy data bundles, buy electricity vouchers and view and send payment requests.

Details about Coinvest’s WhatsApp Pay services:

  • You can send money to anyone in South Africa who has WhatsApp Pay.
  • You can receive money from anyone in South Africa who has WhatsApp Pay.
  • There are no fees for sending or receiving money.
  • Your transactions are secure and protected by WhatsApp’s encryption.

If you have any questions about Coinvest’s WhatsApp Pay services, you can contact Coinvest customer support at [email protected] or +27 11 507 5555.

Overall, Coinvest’s WhatsApp Pay services are a convenient, secure, and affordable way to send and receive money in South Africa.

The Coinvest Money Application features 3 easy to use accounts available in one single view from our Web or Mobile Application.

  • Main (Digital) Account
  • Physical Card Account and
  • Virtual Account

Your Digital Account is like your own personal Digital Safe. When you swipe your card, you are safe in the knowledge that only funds in your Physical Card account will be debited. That way should your card be lost or stolen, it is impossible for your anyone to access your funds using your Physical card.

Your Physical Card Account is your account that is linked to activity on your Coinvest Money Card. Whether you are a Personal Account or Learner Acccount holder with Coinvest, you can conveniently perform day to day transactions using your card.

Your Virtual Account is your passport to online transactions and shopping! You can use it to pay for goods on numerous local and international digital stores or websites. You can also pay for Request Taxis as well as Food and Grocery Deliveries.