When must TV license be paid?

A television licence in South Africa must be renewed annually before the licence expires. The renewal process can be done online, at a Post Office, or at an SABC regional office. The renewal dates are spread over 12 months, with the renewal month determined by the first letter of your surname or the month in which you bought your television set.

For first-time applicants, the full annual fee of R265 must be paid. Renewals can be paid in full or in monthly installments of R28 per month. However, there is a small premium for monthly payments, so the total cost would be R336 per year.

Here is a summary of the TV license payment schedule in South Africa:

Type of PaymentAmountPayment Options
First-time applicationR265One-time payment
Renewal (full payment)R265Online, Post Office, SABC regional office
Renewal (monthly installments)R28 per monthOnline, Post Office, SABC regional office