Where to sell Mandela coins in durban

The Mandela Coin is a commemorative coin created to honor the life and impact on the country of an iconic legend. The coin was intended for general circulation in South Africa, but there are not many of them and they are rare. Therefore, Mandela coins are very valuable. It should also be added that the value of the coin fluctuates from time to time due to market changes.

If you are wondering where to sell Mandela coins in Durban, I listed the options  There’s no official regulation currently in price. But we are not concerning ourselves with that in this article. What we are going to do here is to explore some prominent ways you can sell your Mandela coins in Durban.

Selling your coins in Durban is not quite hard. You can easily take advantage of certain platforms to make known your desire to sell these coins and you will be approached by several interested buyers ready to pay to purchase from you. Let’s see some of these prominent methods.

Where To Sell Mandela Coins In Durban

1. OLX 

You can sell your coins on OLX and get buyers in Durban willing to patronise you. The platform is a big one in the business of classified ads since they have being running for many years now. With a presence in plenty of countries, South Africans also utilize the platform to buy and sell different stuff. Hence, for you who is interested in selling your Mandela coins in Durban, you can easily take advantage of OLX to get them sold.

The website was built to allow anyone to post free ads of things they desire to sell. OLX is a meeting point for buyers and sellers, and both can be within the same vicinity. Hence, anyone that wants to sell Mandela coins can advertise them on the website and they will easily see buyers from their vicinity.

You can get started immediately, after creating an account on the platform and then start selling. On OLX, click the “Sell your item” tab, put a category, and add a title too. You should endeavor to craft your title in such a way that people will easily know that you want to sell Mandela coins in Durban.

You will be able to write a detailed description and also complete seller information. You are to also upload clear photos of the coins and add your details too. Interested buyers of Mandela coins around Durban will then contact you, and you can do business. It is free to open an account on OLX and to start enjoying its huge features too.

2. SA Coin

Here is a platform whose prominent business is in Mandela coins, perhaps the largest in the country as a whole.  It is easy to sell Mandela R5 coin on SA coin. You can sell at a much better price if you can ensure your coin is in good condition (because, aside from the fact that the price of the coin is influenced by the rarity, it is also influenced by its condition). It has been stated that they have a good reputation when it comes to offering nice prices for Mandela coins. You can always contact them if your coins are in good condition. With this platform, you will easily sell your coins with ease

3. Junk Mail 

One can even take advantage of Junk Mail to sell one’s Mandela coins in Durban. The website is actually a big one as far as classified advertising is concerned. You can simply place a free ad on Junk Mail to sell anything that is acceptable and legal. 

This is not a complicated thing at all. Just launch the site and check the “Place a free ad” part. After selecting the appropriate section and category, choose your location (if you are selling your Mandela coins in Durban, you know where to choose). Proceed to add the pictures of your coins and you will discover it’s pretty straightforward.

As soon as you are done, you should wait for interested folks to start messaging you with their offers. Of course, you should not be in a hurry, as there are times when you will have to exercise patience before you can start getting notifications from people that want the coins in Durban. You can make profits selling your Mandela coins, but you don’t have to spend money to advertise on the platform (one of the major interesting things about these platforms).

4. Gumtree  

Gumtree is another platform that can be utilized to sell Mandela coins in Durban, as it is a platform where folks can advertise and sell their stuff. You can create a free account on Gumtree and start advertising your coins. 

After you are done signing up, check the “Post an ad,” area and click on it. You should then choose an appropriate category for what you are trying to sell, and upload the photos of your Mandela coins. You can then proceed to add a well-explained description, add the price you want to sell, as well as your contact information. 

The platform is already quite popular with tons of users. Therefore, once you successfully post your ad, it shouldn’t take too much time before those interested will start contacting you. If you urgently want to sell your Mandela coins and you just want your listings to gain wide coverage, you can proceed to pay for a premium listing. More people will get to see your stuff quickly too. If you don’t want to spend any money whatsoever, you are free to take advantage of the basic features