Who qualifies for NYDA funding?

Looking for the applicants who qualifies for NYDA funding. All those who are eligible to apply: Are youth from 18-35 years of age. Are youth with skills, experience, or; with potential skill, appropriate for the enterprise that they conduct or intend to conduct.

Grant types

Grants will be granted to the following:

• Individuals

• Co-operatives

•  Community Development Facilitation Projects

Service Delivery Standards

• The grant applications will be processed at a branch within 30 working days

• Disbursement for approved will be processed at the Head Office within 30 working days

Credit Checks

• The NYDA shall conduct credit checks for all grant applications for funding.

• A grant applicant who is under debt administration shall not be considered for funding.

Branch Grant Approval and Review Committee (BGARC) Decision

• The decision of BGARC are final and binding on the applicant

•  The applicant cannot appeal the decision of the BGARC, however they can re-apply for grant funding.