Can you apply for a learnership while in matric?

It is possible to apply for a learnership while still in matric, but it depends on the specific requirements of the learnership. Some learnerships may require that candidates have already completed their matriculation, while others may allow candidates who are still in matric to apply.

If you are interested in applying for a learnership while still in matric, it’s important to carefully read the eligibility criteria and requirements for the specific learnership you are interested in. You may need to meet certain academic requirements, such as achieving a minimum grade in specific subjects, or you may need to have certain skills or experience.

Keep in mind that some learnerships may require you to work full-time, which could conflict with your school schedule. However, there may be part-time or weekend learnerships available that could work around your school commitments.

Applying for a learnership while still in matric can be a good way to gain valuable work experience and develop your skills, while also earning a stipend or allowance. It’s important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of balancing a learnership with your schoolwork before applying.

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