Department Of Defence South African Military Health Service

Department Of Defence South African Military Health Service

Department Of Defence South African Military Health Service
The Military Health Vision. 
The vision to establish a healthy military community will be our driving force.
The Military Health Mission.
The SAMHS will plan and execute these activities according to the mission formulated as “To support the SANDF by providing quality health services for the full range of military deployments and to sustain the health of members of the armed forces, their families and others eligible for care by the SAMHS”.
“A World-class Clinical Service” is the theme within the SAMHS is operating and delivering service.

Motto of Department Of Defence South African Military Health Service

Our Motto: “We serve the brave,”(or ‘Audaces Servamus’) confirms our service delivery responsibility. The SAMHS is a “One Force” consisting of regulars, reserves and civilian personnel, the “Core Force” with core growth capabilities to be able to grow to a “Growth Force” to support major conflict operations.
a. The SAMHS provides, prepares and employs military health forces in joint and independent operations and support and sustains operations within the concept of jointness.
b. The SAMHS renders support within the human battle space1 in a layered defence system with a stepped-up health approach. Defence thus requires Force Health Protection and Health Sustainment by means of best value evidence based quality health services to ensure a world-class clinical service.

Department Of Defence South African Military Health Service Values

The SAMHS values are defined as:
a. Client Centricity – “See the SAMHS as the client does”:
i. The desire to anticipate, meet and exceed the needs and expectations of all clients (Internal and External). This implies working together and building long-term relationships and focusing one’s efforts on delivering increased value.
ii. Why it is important: To ensure that the SAMHS prospers, the commitment is to constantly meet the needs of its clients, ensure client satisfaction and to fulfill client’s expectations.
b. Looking Forward – “Look forward and outward to create the future”:
i. The drive to identify or anticipate the current or future challenges and opportunities. It includes linking long-range goals to day-to-day business activity and adopting a proactive approach when addressing those opportunities or taking preventative measures to avoid the problems.
ii. Why it is important: This enables the SAMHS to take a proactive approach in overcoming problems and, despite day -to- day pressures react to issues and problems. It involves looking beyond immediate operational requirements to address longer-term issues and spot opportunities.
c. Positive Attitude – “Focus on solutions, not only problems”:
i. The ability to identify what needs to be done and to develop an appropriate plan of action in order to accomplish an objective. This includes to monitor progress against it and the ability to organise resources, identify and prioritise key issues in addition to implementation the plan at best, most efficient and the most timely way possible.
ii. Why it is important: This behaviour is particularly important in an environment such as SAMHS where employees are dealing with increased volumes of workload and in some cases, over multiple sites.
d. Innovative Thinking – “Understand that you’re part of the bigger picture and drive continuous improvement”:
i. The ability to come up with new or innovative ways of looking at processes, problems, thinking ‘outside the box’ to derive different or imaginative solutions, which support the SAMHS strategy. Creative thinking includes the ability to stand back from the detail to identify patterns, make connections and to build up ideas as to the key or underlying issues in complex situations.
ii. Why it is important: This is essential for a successful culture of innovation and continuous improvement, which directly supports SAMHS, stated values of innovation and client focus.
e. Individual Value – “Treat others as you want to be treated”:
i. Involves the genuine intent to foster the personal and professional development of others. This includes expanding individuals’ roles to provide developmental opportunities and creating a risk free environment where individuals are encouraged to take on new responsibilities and challenges to continually learn.
ii. Why it is important: This confirms that people are the cornerstone of the SAMHS future success.
f. Professional Delivery – “Work ethic of honest hard work in accordance
with HPCSA standards”:
i. The underlying drive to ensure that quality is not compromised within the SAMHS environment. It includes the identification and maintenance of standards to meet the needs of the DOD, together with a desire for accuracy, order and safety in the workplace.
ii. Why it is important: This reflects the need to deliver purposefit and appropriate work to the highest standard of quality and accuracy to meet the demands of the DOD.
g. Be Accountable – “Taking ownership for work and decisions made”:
i. The belief in one’s own ability and judgment. The confidence to express ones’ views in increasingly challengingcircumstances, for the benefit of the SAMHS. The confidence should be justified, based on past experiences or backed up by professional expertise.
ii. Why it is important: This is about believing in one’s own ability to get the job done within the legislative and regulatory frameworks

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