Department Of Education Zimbabwe

Department Of Education Zimbabwe

Department Of Education Zimbabwe, we are the Ministry that administers the system of primary and secondary school education in Zimbabwe. We formulate and implement policies on education structure, curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment, and we oversee the management and running of all schools in the country.

Our Vision and Mission



To be the leading provider of quality education, sports, arts and culture, for the development of united, well-educated Zimbabweans who are patriotic, balanced, competitive, self-reliant and cherish the values of Unhu/Ubuntu.


To promote and facilitate the provision of high quality, inclusive and relevant Early Childhood Development (ECD) Primary and Secondary Education, Life Long and Continuing Education, Sport, Arts and Culture.
The numbers engaged in Education confirm that we are at the heartbeat of the nation. Our work directly touches the lives of most Zimbabwean households as we serve the current 4,5 million learners in 5915 primary schools and in 2562 secondary schools. We also have one of the largest crop of government staff members, with a current establishment of xxx teachers, supervisors, officers, and support staff.
As a Ministry, we are driven by these three considerations:

  1. Curricular review: We are driven by the need to be responsive to socio-economic development. This responsiveness is seen in our determination to periodically review of the educational curriculum to serve current demands.
  2. Maintaining Achievements: We strive to maintain the achievements built over the years that have seen Zimbabwe rise to pole position in literacy in Africa, and a competitive position in the region on innovation. We do this by addressing the twin challenges of teacher professional development and infrastructure delivery.
  3. System Performance: We work to sustain the unique features of our education system. These features include support from parents through structures of school development committees (SDCs), Government budgetary allocations, and professionalisation of teachers and administrators. We strive to ensure that the system continuously improves and renews itself.

As we implement the Curriculum Framework for Primary and Secondary Education (2015 – 2024) we want to share the Ministry’s core values and standards of performance expected at every level.
The website is an information repository where we share education facts, and information on developments in the education sector in the country. We encourage you to contact us through email, phone, and social media giving your suggestions on how we can improve our primary and secondary education system.


Mr C Kateera PED 792678 792548
Mr V Mukova A/ Deputy PED Secondary 791150
Mrs Maposa Deputy PED Primary 791054
Ms Madondo Human Resources 791270
Mr Mushore Accountant 707508
Ms Gwala Aministration 707517



Mrs. T. Thabela PED 23363 23383
0712 871 247
Mr Mandiedza Auditor 23363
Mr D/PED – SEC 23084
Mr Ndlela Adminstration Office 22994
Mr Salome D/PED Primary 23063
Mr S.Nkala HRO-Discipline 23384
Ms S. Ncube HRO-Staffing 23343
Mr Ncube Prov.Accountant 23010
Mr R. Ndlovu E.O.Planning 29995
Registry Reception Reception 23009


Mr Chiota PED 23085
Mr J Guri Deputy Director Primary 24853
Mr Mashaike Audit 23834
Mr D Simbi Accountants 25359
Mr R. P. Mlambo Administration 25360
Mr G Muzanenhamo Administration 21807
Mr P. Chisindi Deputy Director Secondary 24811
Mr J. Makoni HR – Discipline 21806
Mr Pasi E.O 21806
Mr Munyoro E.O -Planning 24156
Mrs Moyana P.H.R.O 21805
Mr C Zvasiya Audit 23834



Mr Z M Chitiga PED 264331 263261
Mr. Chikwange D/PED Secondary 263853
Mr Tererai D/ PED Primary 262419
Mr Chaduka Staffing 262128
Mr Jombo Accounts 262467
Mrs Mashava Adminstration Officer 262329
Reception Reception 263585



Mrs B. Mnguni PED 882675 67574
0712 808561
Mrs Makwati E.O Discipline 66978
Mr Rupahla E.O Primary 65665
Mr Mpofu J A D/PED – Sec 881707
Mr Luphahla D/PED – Primary 65665
Mr M Pilime D PED Infant 61849
Mr Masuku D/ PED- Sport 88741
Mrs Z. Sibanda E.C.D 88493
Mr C. Mapfumo S.P.S 69943
Mr T. Mabhena E.O. Building 884597
Mr A. Mulinga HRO 69514
Mr V. Mutema E.O. Planning 61849
Mr Shumba A/PED 64223 60141
Mr A Chigumira D/PED Secondary 60140
Mrs Kanoerera A/D/Director – Primary 60142
Mr Ranganai HRO – Staffing 64146
I.Mhembere HRO – Discipline 60144
Mrs Marambanyika Accountant 60145
Ms Tholana Adminstration Officer 60751 62523
Mr Nyamanhindi Records and Information 64648



Mr D Moyo PED 62602 77027
0712 808843
Mr D G Moyo D/PED Secondary 66979
Mr R Swene D/PED Primary 881400
Ms A Ndlovu Human Resources 885559
Mrs B. Behani Accountant 880685
Mr Dhlamini Administration 69513
Mr Hamandishe Administration 882695



Mr Mazibeli PED 6948 6119
0712 87113
Mr Mudiwa D/PED Secondary 6996
Mr Masimbo Human Resources 6992
Mr Gomba Accountant 6994
Ms Samakomva Administration 6993


Mr Mashayamombe PED 23019 23320
0712 804526
Mr G Mhumha D/PED Secondary 25665
Mr T Ndewere D/PED Primary 23015
Mr C.J.Chikwawa Human Resources 23002
Mr T. Chiwara Accountant 25552
Mr Rusike Administration 23084


Mrs A.Gudo PED 222460 226482
0712 808284
Mr E D Sibanda D/PED Secondary 223457
Rev Matienga D/PED Primary 226781
Mr Hungwe Human Resources 223790
Mr Kosa Accountant 225333
Mrs Tafireyi Administration 223338

Contact Numbers for Education Parastatals

Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council (ZIMSEC) 04-304551/3
National Library and Documentation Services (NLDS) 04-774943/780800

Contact Numbers for Key Departments/Ministries

Public Service Commission (PSC) 04 – 700881
Civil Division 04 -772998
Pensions Office 04-703822
Salary Services Bureau (SSB) 04-708281/796298

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