Department Of Agriculture Forestry And Fisheries Director General

Department Of Agriculture Forestry And Fisheries Director General

Department Of Agriculture Forestry And Fisheries Director General, The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is committed to the implementation of PAIA and has ensured that our new organisational structure has made provision for a dedicated office to implement PAIA. Our approach emphasises the importance of participative democracy, constant flow of empowering information, while also ensuring that our communities, particularly those at grassroots, understand their role in upholding our democracy.
Section 32 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa stipulates that everyone has the right of access to any information held by the state and provides for the horizontal application of the right of access by another person to everyone when that information is required for the exercise or protection of any rights.
Through the PAIA, we are futher assured of upholding the principles of Batho Pele – People First!
Democracy is a right, a responsibility and a duty! Working together, we can do more to uphold this democracy and everything it stands for!

Director-General (DG)
Mr MM Mlengana
Room B-FF-14
(012) 319 7219
Agriculture Place
Deputy Director-Generals (DDG)

Mr S.I.S Ntombela
DDG: Corporate Services
Room B-FF-09
012 319 7225
Agriculture Place 

Mr J.B Hlatshwayo
Chief Financial Officer
Room C-FF-04
012 319 6639
Agriculture Place 

Acting P.P. Dingile
DDG: Economic Development, Trade and Marketing
Room  DA-FF-09
(012) 319 7017
Agriculture Place 

Mr Joe Kgobokoe 
DDG:Policy, Planning & Monitoring & Evaluation
Room: 230
012 319-6120
Harvest House

Acting B.D. Msomi
DDG:Food Security and Agrarian Reform
Room: 244
(012) 319-6521
Harvest House

Mr R.M. Ramasodi
DDG: Agricultural Production, Health & Food Safety
Room: 417
(012) 319-6502
Harvest House

Acting P.N. Nodada
DDG: Forestry & Natural Resources Management
Room 511
(012) 309 5702
Hamilton Street 110

Ms S Ndundane
DDG: Fisheries Management
Ground Floor
012 403 3019
Foretrust Building
Chief Directors

Ms T.L. Dlamini
Chief Of Staff
Ministerial & DG Support Services
Room D-FF-05
012 319 7150
Agriculture Place

Ms Alicia Stevens
CD: Operations Support
B-FF-07          (012) 319
Agriculture Place

Ms. M.P.M. Colling
CD: Internal Audit
Room G-FF-01
(012) 319-7144
Agriculture Place

Ms M.K. Kgang
CD: Human Resources Management & Development
Room K-FF-15
(012) 319-7443
Agriculture Place

Ms P.T Sehoole
CD: Chief Information Office
Room 553 (fifth floor)
012 319 6527
Harvest House

Ms. S.C Middleton 
CD: Fisheries Operational Support
(021) 402 3564
7th Floor:
Foretrust Building

Ms. Z. Lufele
CD: Financial Management
082 494 7405
Agriculture Place

Mr N.N Ramashia
CD: Development Finance
Room C-GF-14
012 319 7230
Agriculture Place

Acting M.S. Parker
CD: Financial Management [Fisheries]
6th Floor: Foretrust Building
( 012) 402 3687

Ms KMR Maroo
CD: Stakeholder Relations& Communications
Room UA-GF-11
(012) 319 6787
Agriculture Place

Ms K Nagiah
CD: Legal Services
Room F-FF-16
012 319 7227
Agriculture Place

A. Njobeni (Acting)
CD: Marine Resources Management
3rd Floor
(021) 402 3509
Foretrust Building 

Mr Phuthi (Acting)
CD: Monitoring & Evaluation
Room 242
(012) 319 8468
Harvest House

Ms. B.S. Bopape
CD: Policy Development & Planning
Room 219,
(012) 319-6535
Harvest House

Ms P.P. Dingile
CD: International Relations and Trade
(012) 319 7017
Agriculture Place

Ms. K. Komape
CD: Cooperative & Rural Enterprise Development
Room: 229
(012) 319 6201
Harvest House

Acting M.H. Mamabolo
CD: Agro-processing & Marketing
Room 711
(012) 319-8455
Sefala Building

Dr J.K. Moeng
CD: Food Security
Room 331
(012) 319- 8496
Sefala Building

Ms L Botsheleng
CD: Sector Capacity Development
Room 213
(012) 319 6375
Harvest House

Mr. B.D. Msomi
CD: National Extension Support Services
Room: 244
(012) 319 6521
Harvest House

Mr. D. Serage
CD: Inspection & Quarantine Services
Room 240,
(012) 319 6471
Harvest House

Dr. J.B. Jaftha
CD: Plant Production & Health
Room 249,
(012) 319-6024
Harvest House

Dr. B.M. Modisane
CD: Animal Production & Health
Room 113,
(012) 319-7466
Delpen Building

Ms. M.S. Leseke
CD: Forestry Operations,
Room 630
(012) 309 5704
Hamilton Street 110

Ms. P.N. Nodada
CD: Forestry Development & Regulations
Room 511
(012) 846 8567
Hamilton Street 110

Acting Dr Kgakatsi
CD: Natural Resources Management
Room 214
(012) 309 5723
Hamilton Street 110

Mr B Semoli
CD: Aquaculture Development
7th Floor
(021) 402 3504
Foretrust Building

Mr A.J. Matshili (Acting)
CD: Fisheries Research & Development
5th Floor
021 402 3105
Foretrust Building

Acting T. Vico
CD: Monitoring, Control & Surveillance
7rd Floor
(021) 402 3572
Foretrust Building
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