Glencore Learnership stipend

Glencore offers learnerships to South African citizens who are interested in pursuing careers in the mining industry. The stipend paid to learners during the learnership program may vary depending on the specific program and the duration of the learnership.

The stipend is intended to cover the learners’ basic living expenses during the program, such as accommodation, transport, and food. The amount of the stipend is determined by Glencore and is communicated to successful learners during the selection process. Average Glencore Apprentice monthly pay in South Africa is approximately R 9 860, which is 40% above the national average.

It’s important to note that learnerships are meant to provide on-the-job training and practical experience, and the stipend paid may not be equivalent to a full-time salary. However, learners may have the opportunity to secure employment with Glencore or other mining companies after completing the learnership program, which can lead to long-term career prospects and better remuneration.

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