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Department Of Arts And Culture Za

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The Department of Arts and Culture is one of the departments of the South African government. It promotes, supports, develops and protects the arts, culture and heritage of South Africa. The heritage sites, museums and monuments of the country also reside under this ministry. The political head of the department is the Minister of Arts and Culture; as of 2014 this is Nathi Mthethwa.
In the 2010 national budget, the department received an appropriation of 2,406.7 million rand, and had 461 employees.


Vision, Mission and Values
A creative and inclusive nation.
Develop, preserve, protect and promote arts, culture and heritage.

Outcome Oriented Strategic Goals and Objectives

1.4.1 A transformed, coherent and development-focused ACH Sector:To drive greater policy and planning coherence in the Sector towards the achievement of sectoral development outcomes.
1.4.2 Nation building through effective social cohesion programme implementation:To lead and coordinate nation building and social transformation through effective social cohesion programmes that promote cultural and linguistic diversity.
1.4.3 A productive, diverse and inclusive ACH Sector:To protect, preserve, promote and develop Arts, Culture and Heritage and advance the socio-economic inclusivity and contribution of the Sector.
1.4.4 A sound governance fiscal management system:To forge sound governance and fiscal management policies,systems and processes that enhance the capacity of the DAC and its entities to ensure the effective and efficient utilisation and leveraging of                   ACH resources for the benefit of all South Africans.
1.4.5 A professional and capacitated ACH Sector:To build the skills and capacity of the Sector to ensure its on-going development and responsiveness.
In an effort to attain Departmental Vision, the following measurable objectives were pursued and are aligned to the legislative mandate of the department:

a) Coordinate and support the national strategic programs by developing and reviewing policy and legislation and developing systems for monitoring and evaluation.

b) Increase and facilitate access to and broader participation in arts and culture through policy formulation, legislation and equitable funding.

c) Develop, promote and protect the 11 official languages through policy formulation, legislation and the implementation of the language policy in order to allow South Africans to realise their language rights.

d) Increase the access and participation of grassroots arts practitioners in cultural industries economic activities through training, legislation and international opportunities.

e) Ensure the transformation of the heritage landscape as a vehicle for nation-building and social cohesion, through the implementation of heritage policies and legislation.

f) Enable transparency and evidenced-based good governance of archives, records, published information, and the heraldic and symbolic inheritance of the nation through institutional management, regulation and development.




Date Description Size
03 Dec 1997 PDF icon National Film and Video Foundation Act (No.73 of 1997) 106.86 KB
23 Apr 1999 PDF icon National Heritage Council Act (No. 11 of 1999) 166.23 KB
28 Apr 1999 PDF icon National Heritage Resources Act (No. 25 of 1999) 203.2 KB
02 Nov 1998 PDF icon National Library of South Africa Act (No. 92 of 1998) 96.27 KB
19 Feb 2013 PDF icon Pan South African Language Board Act (No. 59 of 1995) 57.08 KB
02 Dec 1998 PDF icon South African Geographical Names Council Act (No. 118 of 1998) 352.69 KB
02 Nov 1998 PDF icon South African Library for the Blind Act (No. 91 of 1998) 69.65 KB
04 Dec 1998 PDF icon Cultural Institutions Act (No. 119 of 1998) 852.78 KB
13 Apr 2013 PDF icon Culture Promotion Act (No. 35 of 1983) 43.99 KB
07 Mar 1962 PDF icon Heraldry Act (No. 18 of 1962) 69.48 KB
14 Nov 1997 PDF icon Legal Deposit Act (No. 54 of 1997) 96.19 KB
02 Oct 1996 PDF icon National Archives and Record Service of South Africa Act (No. 43 of 1996) 50.85 KB
03 Feb 2000 PDF icon Promotion of Access to Information Act (Act No 2 of 2000) 898.83 KB
25 Jun 2001 PDF icon National Council for Library and Information Services Act (No.6 of 2001) 280.96 KB
14 Nov 1997 PDF icon National Arts Council Act, 1997 (No. 56 of 1997) 113.75 KB
07 Dec 2001 PDF icon Cultural Laws Amendment Act 36 of 2001 716.03 KB
20 Mar 2014 PDF icon The promotion of access to information act ( no 2 of 2000) 3.89 MB
02 Jan 2012 PDF icon The Use of Official Languages Act (No.12 of 2012) (English and Tshivenda) 288.34 KB
28 Feb 2014 PDF icon Regulations on the Use of Official Languages Act (Act No.12 of 2012) 895 KB
25 Jul 2014 PDF icon South African Language Practitioners’ Council Act 8 of 2014.pdf 864.52 KB
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