Department Of Arts And Culture In Limpopo

Department Of Arts And Culture In Limpopo

Department Of Arts And Culture In Limpopo, The mission of the Limpopo Department of Sport, Arts and Culture is to enhance unity in diversity through the provision of sport, arts, culture and heritage services for sustainable development.
The Department’s strategic outcome-orientated goals are to develop and implement citizen participation programmes; achieve an unqualified audit report; develop and implement capacity building programmes; promote and develop sustainable arts, culture, museums and heritage, and language services programmes; advance artistic disciplines into viable industries; sustain three existing provincial museums’ infrastructure annually; develop and implement literature programmes; develop library and information services infrastructure; provide relevant library material; develop and implement records management services; conserve and preserve archivalia; implement sports and recreation programmes; establish, support and transform institutional structures; implement a 2010 World Cup legacy programme; and develop and nurture sports management skills.

To promote, develop and transform arts, culture, museums, and heritage and languages services in order to contribute to nation building, good governance, social cohesion, moral regeneration and human capital development. To improve the quality of life of all South Africans through the development, transformation and promotion of sustainable sport and recreation programmes, that will lead to increased participation and global competitiveness in sport.


A champion of Sport, Arts, Culture and Heritage services for socio-economic development in Limpopo


To enhance unity in diversity through the provision of sport, arts, culture and heritage services for sustainable development.


  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Trust
  • Accountability
  • Transparency & Fairness
  • Loyalty & Respect
  • Dedication and Commitment
  • Discipline
  • Appreciation & Recognition
  • Creativity
  • Team work
  • Excellence



Strategic Goal 1 Good corporate governance
Goal statement To promote and contribute to good corporate governance , social and human capital development through timely and adequate outwards and internal reporting, adequate risk management and internal control systems, implementation of PFMA and related regulations ,develop and implement policies and strategies in support of the strategic and operational plans, empowerment of individual employees ,enhanced stakeholders participation and evaluation of performance management.
Justification To ensure efficiency and effectiveness in providing services to citizen’s and assist in creation of stronger communities.
Strategic Goal 2 Increased social cohesion and national identity
Goal statement To increase the number of people accessing social cohesion and national identity programmes from 12 797 to 209 088 by 2014.
Justification Promote unity in diversity and patriotism
Links LEGDP, Social cohesion, socio-economic development, EPWP, investing in culture programme
Strategic Goal 3 Increased access to information
Goal statement To develop, transform and promote sustainable information services
Justification Contribute to life long learning and a well-informed nation
Links LEGDP, Batho Pele principle, EPWP
Strategic Goal 4 Increased participation and excellence in sport
Goal statement To maximise access, development and excellence at all levels of participation in sport and recreation by increasing the number of people in Limpopo participating in sport and recreation from 4 % (184 395) to 8 % (434 923) by 2014.
Justification> Contribute to sustainable economic growth opportunities, social cohesion, national identity and building of a healthy nation.
Links Poverty alleviation through job creation and skills transfer – Linked to EPWP, LEGDP, tourism growth strategy

This programme is constituted by the following sub-programmes;

  • Sub-programme 1 :Office of the MEC
  • Sub-Programme 2: Corporate Services

Programme Purpose:
To conduct the overall management and administrative support of the Department
Sub-Programme Office of the MEC
Purpose: To provide administrative, client liaison and support service to the MEC

Office Contacts

Physical Address
21 Biccard Street
Postal Address
Private Bag x 9549
Tel : 015 284 4000
Fax : 015 284 4510
E-Mail :
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