Shoprite IT Bursary

Shoprite IT Bursary

Shoprite Information Technology Bursary South Africa 2024


In 1979, the Shoprite Group was founded in a small town in South Africa by the acquisition of 8 Cape Town-based supermarkets. Today, Shoprite operates more than 270 stores across 16 countries in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.
The company also owns almost 2000 corporate stores such as Checkers, Checkers Hyper, Checkers Liquor, Checkers MediRite, OK Furniture, OK Express, House & Home, Hungry Lion, Shoprite Liquor, Shoprite MediRite and Usave.
Apart from the corporate stores, The Shoprite Group also own 367 franchise brands stores across South Africa and Namibia, including: Friendly Stores, Friendly Liquor, Megasave, OK Foods, OK Minimark, OK Grocer, OK Value, Sentra and Enjoy.


The Shoprite Group are looking for students who want to work for one of the biggest retail companies in South Africa. If you’re looking for a lifetime opportunity and a company in which you can grow and learn about a diverse range of inspirational brands, this bursary may just be for you. Shoprite offers brilliant opportunities for its employees and has a passion for its staff and customers!
There are 10 Information Technology bursaries available.
The bursary ranges from R30 000 to R60 000, depending on the course of study and institution. We aim to covers tuition, books and an allowance for accommodation.
Please note that there is a mandatory work-back requirement – for every year that you are covered by the bursary programme, you will work at Shoprite for the equal amount of time.
Purpose: This Bursary aims at attracting and funding future Innovative Programmers who have a passion and a vision for ensuring dynamic outputs in an area known for ongoing change. The Bursary is available for 1st, 2nd, 3rd year and Honours Students.


  • Matric with a minimum average of 70% OR
  • A relevant three year IT Programming qualification with a minimum average of 60%



Apply online via the following link:
Applicants must register before applying, via the following link:
Once you have created an account, login at:


30 September annually.

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