How much is a learnership stipend in South Africa?

The amount of a learnership stipend in South Africa varies depending on the industry, the type of learnership, and the employer. The Department of Labour has set a minimum stipend amount, which is currently R2,500 per month. However, some employers may choose to pay a higher amount based on their own policies and the skills and experience of the learner.

It’s important to note that a learnership stipend is not a salary but rather an allowance to cover the learner’s basic expenses during the learnership. Learnerships are designed to provide on-the-job training and work experience, and the primary focus is on learning and development rather than earning an income.

If you are considering a learnership, it’s important to research the specific stipend amount for the industry and type of learnership you are interested in and to discuss the details with the potential employer before accepting an offer.

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