Department Of Correctional Services Database Forms

Department Of Correctional Services Database Forms

Department Of Correctional Services Database Forms

Supplier Database – Department of Correctional Services Potchefstroom

All suppliers are invited to register as prospective supplier on the database of DCS Potchefstroom. The purpose of this ……End of the details preview. Please Log in or for all the information.
Site Inspection
No details.
Closing Date
No details. Please contact the relevant person.
Document Collection
Deposit Details: No details.
The database is valid for 12 months and suppliers are therefore urged to renew it annually. Suppliers are limited to select only three (3) commodity in line with their core competencies. The Department may remove a company from the database at its sole discretion due to unsatisfactory (e.g. poor quality, late delivery, non delivery etc) or quoting prices which are not market related. It is imperative that a supplier read the application from carefully, complete it in full and sign it. The following documents must accompany the application form: An original and valid Tax Clearance Certificate, obtainable from the South African Revenue (SARS) where the bidder is registered for tax purposes. SARS will provide a Tax Clearance Certificate that will be valid for a period of 12 months from date of issue. Cipro certificate (Company registration certificate). Certified copies of identity document of all director/ members/ Trustees/ Shareholders. Bank form (Entity Maintenance). Company profile. B-BBEE Certificate, if available. SABS Approved accreditation certificate for electrical wiring. Failure to submit the original and valid Tax Clearance Certificate and Declaration of interest (SBD4) will invalidate the application.

Delivery Point: No details. Contract Details: No details.
Financing Institution: No details. Language: English
Validity Period: No details.


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