Department Of Defence Careers South Africa

Department Of Defence Careers South Africa

Department Of Defence Careers South Africa; You can pursue a career in the defence forces of as a civilian in the defence department. Forms for the various defence forces are normally released for applicants between the month of February and March of every year.

Careers in the Department of Defence

The Department of Defence employ young, fit and healthy candidates who are Citizens of the Republic of South Africa.   New members will serve for a two-year period to augment the SANDF’s deployment capability.  At the expiring of the two-year term contract, the majority of each intake will be channeled into the SA National Defence Force and the rest to the Reserve Force.  Only the best of the best will be selected for continued service in the SA National Defence Force.

Applications must be on the prescribed form Z83 (obtainable from any Public Service Department office), which must be originally signed and dated by the applicant and which must be accompanied by a detailed CV and certified copies of original educational qualification certificate and ID document.

 Failure to comply with the above instructions will result in applications being disqualified.  Applicants applying for more than one post must submit a separate form Z83 (as well as the documentation mentioned above) iro each post being applied for.  If an applicant wishes to withdraw an application it must be done in writing.

The Department of Defence recognizes applications received from candidates with physical disabilities.

 Applications received after the closing date, as well as faxed applications will not be considered.

Civilian careers:

  • Public Service (Government Employees only) (
  • General Public (All SA Citizens)
  • Application Form (Z83) for Civilian Careers  (Click here for Form)
  • For Salaries linked to Levels as indicated on Adverts for Civilian Careers, please visit
    the website
  • (Applications received from candidates with physical disabilities for Civilian Careers
    in the Department of Defence will be recognized .)
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