Department Of Education Zwelitsha

Department Of Education Zwelitsha

Department Of Education Zwelitsha, Zwelitsha is a town in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. It forms part of the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality.
Zwelitsha was created in 1947 as corridor township to King William’s Town to provide labour for the Good Hope Textile Factory of the Da Gama Group, South Africa. As a vestige of the liberal United Party government it had “middle class” pretentions in terms of neat schools, clinics, shopping centers, dairy, inhouse plumbing, bathrooms and toilets. With the entrenchment of apartheid by the early 1960s Zones 6-10 were added to the original Zones 1 to 5.

Eastern Cape Department: Education

Contact Details


Postal Private Bag X0032, Bhisho, 5605
Physical Steve Vukile Tshwete Education Complex, Zone 6, Zwelitsha
Tel 040 608 4200/8


The vision of the Eastern Cape Department of Education is to offer a quality education and training system that transforms schools into centres of community life and promotes shared moral values, good governance and sustainable development.
Its mission is to provide quality education for sustainable development by providing socially relevant and economically responsive programmes that address the human resource needs of the province and the country; enhancing the skills base for agrarian transformation, manufacturing diversification and tourism in order to meet the needs of the second economy; providing quality programmes to build the capacity of all employees; and encouraging participatory decision-making processes that strive to empower the whole community at all levels.
The following are the strategic goals of the Department: access to basic education, and equity in opportunity and educational achievement for all learners regardless of race, gender, disability, geographical location and socio-economic status; empowerment of all learners to become responsible citizens through equipping them with skills, knowledge and values; improved quality of teaching and learning at all educational institutions; improved institutional efficiency through enhanced management systems and integrated service delivery; economic, effective, efficient and equitable resourcing within the education system; and cohesive and sustainable communities built through cooperation with all stakeholders in education.

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